No Nazi Left Behind: jews unamused over Winslet’s Reader/Lives of Others

Winslet & Fiennes in The Reader

Winslet & Fiennes in The Reader

 Holocaust education groups are staging a last-ditch bid to stop Kate Winslet winning an Oscar for playing a Nazi concentration camp guard in The Reader. Mark Weitzman, head of Jewish human rights and Holocaust teaching organization The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, has slammed the film for its “revisionism”. 

He said: “Essentially it takes a woman who serves in, is responsible for, is complicit in, you pick the words, in the deaths of at least 300 Jews – and her big secret shame is that she’s illiterate.”

~Looks as if Winslet will not make ‘Oskar’s List’, but she did get an Oscar nomination for her role in The Reader, in which she plays an illiterate Nazi guard who takes up with a young man who reads to her. Reads to her because she can’t read. The jews are up in arms because they consider The Reader to be one among many recent films protraying Nazis as sympathetic- flawed, human- and having painful secrets that might trump the Only Acceptable and All-Important Main Theme: victim jews, evil Nazis and that Nazis may never Suffer . Ever. Incapable.

 They are always in the power position, never show weakness,  are always Evil and Cruel. Always One Dimensional.  Anything that gets away from that Approved Schematic is verboten , dangerous-maybe even a threat . This is only one article that echoes the sentiments of many others, the heresy of showing any vulnerability and what is probably perceived as Official Neglect for not covering the  WW2 event  in any way except the obligatory fashion. Winslet’s character has more than one thing going- or not going- for her- and that’s the problem. ~~~

Scene from The Lives of Others

Scene from The Lives of Others

Recently saw  The Lives of Others, a dystopian drama in German with subtitles, revolving around the lives of a  writer and his actress lover, ( Sebastian Koch and Martina Gedeck) who are being monitored by the Stasi . An interesting twist , which is related to the theme in The Reader  but takes it a step further- is that the man sent to live in the flat above them, to bug  their apartment, spend hours listening to them and follow their movements- becomes sympathetic to them, and possibly to their cause, thus prompting ever-more plot twists-  While it is not officially based on a true story, wiki states that

 At the same time the screenplay was published by Suhrkamp Verlag, Donnersmarck and Ulrich Mühe were successfully sued for libel for an interview in which Mühe asserted that his former wife informed on him while they were East German citizens through the six years of their marriage-



Youth: The Enemy ‘Making an Indifference’- AntiVenom

The Enemy: Making an INdifference

An excerpt from The Little Red Schoolbook,1971

An excerpt from The Little Red Schoolbook,1971 I could not find the aforementioned book in its entirety, but there are other interesting titles at the above link.

Audio commentary above.

“Nearly all the changes in which you’re allowed to participate are in things which aren’t very important. The real and difficult changes are those which give more and more people power to decide more and more things for themselves”– from The Little Red School Book by Soren Hansen and Jesper Jenson.
Translated from Danish by Berit Thornberry. First published in London by Stage 1, 1971

At one time I might have believed the above lie, a logical fallacy, commie-influenced- that waa waa, we can’t do anything on our own, this crap directed towards kids that “you’re only allowed to participate in things that aren’t important”. They try to make these kids feel ‘oppressed’ by , at least at that time whe the world was not completely screwed up and turned inside out as it is now, that without utter rejection of society, and some collective Mao-ist  groupthink-but-wrapped-in-teen-rebellion-speak-one was basically nothing and had no influence. Even some adults believe they can’t do anything on their own without someone holding a meeting and giving them asignments. Not so.   

Girls that Dont Play with Bratz Dolls

Girls that Don’t Play with Bratz Dolls

 and ones that do:


Dante’s Inferno: Bratz Bday Party- WWBWD (What Would Bishop Williamson Do? One thing for sure, he wouldn’t be supporting this.)

In case you are lucky enough not to know about bratz and still want to, see here

Subverting the Subverters of our Youth: The Anti-Venom

 Earlier tonight I had the experience of a young man coming up to me that recognized me from a local event I had attended at least 2 years ago, who said I commented on the fact he and his friends were not wearing the clothing made popular by MTV , the ‘gangsta-wigger’ look, and how my talking to him and praising them for this fact affected him . He surprised me when he showed me he had marked himself with what looked like a homemade tattoo of a small symbol, and the mention of the word ‘Aryan’  . I was not in a place where I could address this with him, but he is always around and I am sure I will get another chance to discuss that with him further. He had been in some trouble with the law , had told me years ago he had quit drugs- meth to be specific and was now in the process of cleaning up his act. I had checked on him recently but I do this so often with various youth that I didn’t remember the event he brought up , but from things he said- he couldn’t have known these things otherwise, it had to be true.

 I have both praised those kids whom, at least by appearances, have not bought into the DysKulture of today and criticized- gently- always while pointing out something positive about them:

“This may sound totally weird, but  I just wanted to say you girls look really nice. None of you have that Jerry Spinger trashy look. Your parents must have done something right. I just want to thank you for not participating in the destruction of our culture. ”

Uncontrived, modest beauty

Uncontrived, simple beauty

  This  compliments them, points out a source of something to avoid which easily connects the dots to other things they should avoid,shows approval,  and perhaps most importantly-gives them pride in where they came from and how they deserve better than to emulate crap TV, to accept and be proud of who they are rather than affect the dress, speech and mannerisms of others unlike themselves..a man might say “I can’t stand that ‘tramp-stamp’ stuff. It’s really nice to see girls that don’t look like a joke. You girls look intelligent and classy, etc., etc.”

clean cut, healthy-Not a creepy wigger-thug wannabe

normal, clean cut, healthy-

Or…a compliment and criticism-one has to say this with true warmth, not harshness or derision-a man might take a different approach than I would but here is an example- “I can’t understand why you want to dress like that. You’re such a perfect representation of your type, but  this (gesture to offending clothes) just takes away from it- makes me look at the pants falling off -it’s just a distraction from your  great facial structure (or fill in whatever seems most apropriate or best feature). I can totally see how you would look in a nice shirt and pants “. Then smile and sigh. Or sigh and smile. This stokes their male ego and gives them something to aspire to-  the complimentary part will stick in their mind, and like all peacocks- they want to display themselves to their best advantage.

Or..”Your children are so beautiful.  Look at those bright eyes!  Don’t ever say you’re “just a mom”, your job is so important. Probably the most important. I’m glad you didn’t wait forever to have your kids. You get to be young with them, and have more time with them while you have the energy, youth and patience , besides the fact you will have more of your own life with them -You may even get to see your grandchildren grow up- though some think stalling till the last minute preserves their ‘fun, me,me,me’ longer, in actuality if you have your kids younger, you can do all the other stuff later, when you actually know who you are and what you’re interested in- Having kids does limit your ‘alone time’ but in that , you learn what it is you really love to do, and value your free-time more, rather than skip around doing a lot of nothing-and contrary to popular propaganda, you really can still read books and do other things -kids NEED to play by themselves and to figure out how to entertain themselves, explore stuff and be Ok without a ‘guided activity’ every second. If they don’t get this while young, they will grow up into kids and teens that have no interests and no imagination other than TV, videogames ,shopping trips, whining about how they are bored all the time, and other activities than require someone leading them every second.                                  

When you speak to the youth, show warmth, be polite and sincere. Most adults don’t bother or are afraid to approach them. Don’t be. When they reach out to shake your hand first, and introduce themselves, and wave to you days later as a different youth did after I gave him the clothes speech mixed with anti-drug last weekend- and their friend acompanying them actually starts defending himself and saying “I don’t do that stuff, look how I’m dressed, I don’t do drugs! “, it is so very worth it. It is stunningly clear these kids want and appreciate an adult taking an interest in them.

While viewing the you tube video, notice how they perpetuate the idea that if you don’t like this kind of crap foisted off on your children- well then, you must be pro-censorship (insert hysterical label !!! for emphasis EvilNaziRacistHater!!!). Of course this Little Red School Book was full of things that are now standard in most schools: abortion, homosexuality, and so on, and also contained many messages about how to subvert your parents and teachers, most of whom-at least THEN, were against this kind of thing, as the video illustrates showing parents repeatedly saying they DON’T want their kids exposed to this crap. It is interesting to note the contrast of  present day, where both teacher and parents would fully be on board with all of it with the parents and teachers in the video from that time period, whom the directors are trying their best to portray as Uptight Squares. Only now it isn’t about censorship, as no one cares about that, and no one also seems to care about what kids watch on TV, or who they fraternize with-

There is much to criticize about this particular modus operandi of infiltration of the minds of the youth-in this case it was part of Culture Destroying, but the same methods can be utilized to subvert today’s brand of subversion.  

Today’s youth, judging from the positive responses like the one I received tonight, among others -convince me that 1) face to face activism works 2) these kids are largely ignored and/or their parents do not find it important either to dissuade their children from this kind of self-degradation, or the parents simply do not think it is important or meaningful 3) these kids, usually teens -early 20’s are actually longing for a mentor/parental type figure to care about what they are doing. Many of them seem not to have parents at all from the way they seem to behave. Of course some may laugh at the moment, some may seem not to care, some may initially look at you strangely, and some may be beyond the point of being able to have an effect, but some, like the young man tonight- may remember and come up to you years later and thank you.  It’s not the ‘Making a Difference’ meme, it’s the  UNmaking of INdifference. In your caring for them, they in turn care about themselves, individually and collectively.

Long Rant:San Francisco-Illegals, Corruption, Murder, Lawlessness-

by M.


Illegal Kills Father and Sons, Grieving Wife/Mother to Sue SF for Illegal Sanctuary City Policy contributing to the deaths of her husband and 2 sons-

Mrs. Bologna  lost her husband and two sons because of an illegal alien . Here he is with his anchor baby to be, looking ever the proud papa- before he took someone else’s family and her potential grandchildren away. I wonder if she remembers hearing about the Tim Griffith  case , some years ago-

SF shielded this guy even though he was a member of a notorious gang.  This is not an isolated incident. Most terrible things called that are exactly the opposite. You are being lied to. This kind of thing is far more common than you think.  Check it out for yourself.

Lawyers for Bologna’s wife and his two surviving children assert in the claim that the city’s sanctuary policy was illegal, reckless and a “substantial factor” in the slayings.

The claim says the city knew that Ramos was an illegal immigrant and was part of a gang, the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), that attacked Latinos and African American men who were not members of the gang.

SF Woman to sue SF for loss of her husband and sons over ‘Sanctuary City’ for illegal mexicans. For more on this story, see  this search result page : or this link , in which you can follow how this story was handled in the media, as well as see other stories about recent cases re SF and illegals.

Balloon 1.99 at corner market. Gangsta-mama maternity lingerie 5.99 Kmart. Gang color shirt: 11.99, Mervyn’s.  Anchor Baby w/ daddy in prison: Priceless.

Your Sanctuary City Sucks, Gav.

The SF gate media totally spun this story, pages back on the search function- when it started it was “road rage”, then it was “gang-related”, then it was “oh, um, the guy thought the victims were gang members”…uhh -so that would be a defense? Does that make the non-gang member victims less DEAD? Then the lawyer , which he should not even have, on our dime , says “Ramos‘ lawyer, Robert Amparan, argued that media coverage of the case – specifically, a story in The Chronicle revealing that Ramos had twice committed felonies as a juvenile but had been shielded from possible deportation to his native El Salvador – had violated his client’s fair trial rights. ”  But DOES he have any rights? None of this is an excuse for what he did. Blame the media, blame the victims, blame road rage, blame society , blame poverty, blame everything except the criminal. What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand?

Like a bad download from the now-defunct Napster, the illegal problem varies between screeching static annoyance and playing the same lyric over and over. Illegal, murder, gang, welfare, graffiti, noise, DUI with no punishment, SF sanctuary BS, no consequences, getting over on taxpayer suckers, more murder, more welfare, more section 8, San Jose little Ensenada, more anchor babies – SCREECHHH SCRAATTTCHH , skip , skip, murder, hospitals closing, day workers hanging around, welfare babies, skippp, skip.. housing vouchers, hearing that annoying sing-song babbling speech, Murder, anchor babies, cockroaches, noise, graffiti , SCRREEEECHHH..Uh Oh the anti-virus protection pops up, something is very wrong! Abort, Retry, Fail.

DO SOMETHING MUCH NEWSOM?  Come ON- WTF do they even pay you for?  Are you just a tool of your WASP do-gooder or otherwise- liberal  Masters? You sleep well at night knowing this woman lost her family because of policies YOU support? Because YOU aren’t pushing to do what is RIGHT? Because YOU protect these uncivilized violent illegals even after they are busted FIVE TIMES? You don’t give a *&^ do you? You ever read the comments at the bottom of the page on these stories? The TRUTH is that SF is NOT the Accepting, Tolerant Mecca people think it is. They sure look disgusted. They sure look angry.  Protecting illegal, Honduran drug dealing minors? Jeeze, aren’t you supposed to work for the GOOD of the city? It’s not that hard to grasp, Gav. Death , tuberculosis, dumbing down the schools, overtaxing the social programs, hospitals churning out anchor babies, emergency rooms full of knifing victims, pissing and worse on the streets, loitering, noise, etc?  Get your face out of your blackberry and DEAL WITH IT. Or RESIGN .

Gav sucking up to the media

There is No Sanctuary

-one day realizing the folly of ‘Sanctuary’ , the next reversing it.

There is No Sanctuary

“There is no Sanctuary”

The premise illustrated in Logan’s Run  was that Sanctuary represents Freedom, Freedom FROM, not Freedom TO- and in the case of the sandman and his consort, safety from certain death on the carousel. In the movie, people didn’t want the Actual World outside their bubble. They believed what they were told, and gleefully went on to their demise , letting themselves be executed. Remember the old man, Peter Ustinov at the end?  Well, Mrs Bologna’s husband and sons- none of them will never live to be old and grey because of San Francisco’s false sanctuary policy.  Freedom to grow up, grow old, find beauty in nature, real peace and love. If you keep allowing this criminal element in and participating in Forced Tolerance Programs no matter what people do – you take away Real Sanctuary for the rest of all of us. But some people say, Is THIS all there is? Do we have to DIE? MUST we live this way? They see there is a way out, the bushian premise is the LIE, the Lie that “we can’t do anything’. BS. Yes, we CAN. We don’t HAVE to accept this. They CAN be sent BACK. We COULD BUILD a REAL WALL, rather than fund this Scam War. We don’t HAVE to accept the whole third world, and thrust these people into a society they have no idea how to live in. Real Sanctuary is NOT HAVING to have our families destroyed by mexican illegals. Real Sanctuary is not being FORCED to accept the Unacceptable.

People are going to realize that the Magic Wand of Equality doesn’t work just because we just say “abracadabra, diversity is grand”. Right now , like the people in the bubble in the movie,they believe it. But they won’t always. They will find out that they don’t have to put up with being told Wrong is Right, and that There is No Choice, that We Can’t Do Anything about the Problem of Illegals. Young people are going to be unhappy with reading the foreclosures in the back of the paper and noticing the names are almost all a mexican variant- they will be angry that they cannot obtain a loan because of this- older people are angry that their property values have fallen because of the lending to people who obviously would not be able to make a balloon payment, let alone have secure or gainful employ. Even people who once believed in the idea of “just treat everyone the same, everyone well, give everyone a chance to play for the American dream” are starting to see that doesn’t work when people disregard the rules and try to kill the other players. You can’t just get anyone and everyone in there and expect the same results as with the first batch of people who started this nation. There’s no such thing as Equal =  Gav. The illusion of kindness and fairness to all is getting people killed, it is breaking our financial system, our social programs, our day to day life. Remember that song by Nick Lowe, ‘Cruel to be Kind’?

That was 1979, the end of disco and 70’s drug-rock, the beginning of upbeat songs, not about baby’s daddy’s and kill whitey.You see that? You see those people having fun, dancing around, happy, loving each other, enjoying life, looking forward to their future? I want you to notice how no one in that video is glorifying being a ‘gangsta’.  Oh Right, I forgot, that video is just too dang WHITE, right? It does not represent the Barrio. And if that is what you are thinking, does that conclusion serve to support your position ….or MINE?  You see that light-hearted, happy spirit of people not only not killing each other, but HAPPY.

Your Social Justice model  is the fairy dust, the Construct.  You’re not really taking it from us, and giving it to them, a la Robin Hood- you are just ruining the whole thing.  In your Kind to Be Cruel world, the boy doesn’t only not get the girl, he doesn’t even get to grow up. Go talk to Mrs. Bologna, about Tolerance and Sanctuary. Mr. Newsom recently got married. I bet Mrs. Bologna remembers her wedding, and thinks of how she will never attend those of her sons. All this grief because of one illegal, not to mention his previous record , for which he was never deported, but protected. The baby’s mama pictured at top can say “your daddy is a serial killer, a triple murderer..but he has great street cred!”. You didn’t do any of them a favor by looking the other way, by letting them in. You are not succeeding in Equity and Justice, you are destroying any sense of same!

Panel urges S.F. to help teen immigrant felons

Newsom announced his new policy July 2 after The Chronicle reported that federal officials had warned the city that it was illegally providing offenders free flights home and paying for them to live in group homes outside the city in lieu of deportation and that several had fled from unlocked group homes.

Two days earlier, Newsom said he had no direct authority to order the change but then reversed course as the controversy grew. Since then, according to Newsom’s aides, the mayor’s office has been doing a “top-to-bottom” review of San Francisco’s practices and programs under the sanctuary law.

Note the part about “as controversy grew”. That means we HAVE to agitate. The SF Gate site is filled with comments that do not reflect the fake rainbow-brite world. Real People are NOT  FOR this.

The San Mateo County stabbing was especially vicious, authorities said – a top prosecutor said the victim had been “gutted, like you gut a pig.”

This little scumbag above reminds me of one of the punks in this  icky indie film below . This came out a few yers ago-WN will really love to hate this movie. I think it is up on you tube in pieces. Of course there is every vile, lying meme included. Like rich girls from Beverly Hills want to roll around with skateboarding anchor babies and every time you see a WHite guy, he’s a fag or getting his ass kicked by a skater cholo. Yeah right. Is that the only way the film makers could even TRY to make them seem cool and get away from the ‘they’re  ONLY gang members’ deal? They have to invent skateboarding mexicans.

Another case , illegal underage shielded by SF sanctuary  crap

The case of Eric Antonio Uc-Cahun, now 19, a native of Mexico, is the second in which a youthful offender protected from deportation in San Francisco has later been arrested for a violent crime as an adult.




Illegal immigrant arrested 5 times before feds told

If Mayor Gavin Newsom is serious about tightening up San Francisco’s sanctuary laws, he might want to take a look at the case of Marco Martinez – a 26-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador who has been arrested by police five times in the past year and a half for allegedly selling crack cocaine but has never wound up in the feds’ hands.


(07-30) 12:43 PDT SAN FRANCISCO — About a dozen members of the Minutemen, a group that patrols the U.S.-Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants out, stood on the San Francisco City Hall steps Wednesday to decry the city’s sanctuary policy and demand that Mayor Gavin Newsom resign.

A brave soul, surrounded by Them. A man who probably pays taxes which support this farce. Note signs in background.

More Men who stand against this utter rotting of a beautiful place. California is not a Mission Tortilla. It is not a pickup truck jammed with 3-4 illegals.
We had it all, and we should have it BACK.


THEY who have no real argument. They who invade and kill us, protest the Minutemen:

Anyone reading this blog who wants to go up against this kind of mob?
I know some of you already have. They have some chutzpah to call the Minutemen ‘Border Thugs’.

Look at this guy, one of the 6% of the black population still in SF?  He really shouldn’t be thrilled mestizos are in his ‘hood. He probably has been sold into Multiculturalism Slavery, a  plantation usually made up of Whites, field or house, that suggests if you are black , or gay or whatever, that all ‘oppressed’ or even formerly oppressed groups have to Tolerate and Accept  Anything and Everything. Love everyone and everything. Well, got news. Ya don’t have to. You don’t have to like everyone or believe in Equality.  You can believe what you want here, but you’re supposed to follow the law. Illegals are just that, not supposed to be here, supposed to be sent back, pronto. Giant black dude, you think hordes of mexicans make YOUR life and your people’s lives better? Go down to south central and see what the blacks down there think about illegals.

Dude, you think mexicans would fight for you if you were the illegal?

Videodrome- Sign of the Times?

by Mia



Harlan: North America’s getting soft, *patron*, and the rest of the world is getting tough. Very, very tough. We’re entering savage new times, and we’re going to have to be pure and direct and strong, if we’re going to survive them. Now, you and this cesspool you call a television station and your people who wallow around in it, your viewers who watch you do it, they’re rotting us away from the inside. We intend to stop that rot.

1983. Videodrome is one of many movies that fit into what used to be called futuristic , now called dystopian , along with : They Live, Fahrenheit 451′, Equilibrium’ , Handmaid’s tale, etc.  They usually depict a world that has fallen into decay , or come loose from its hinges  in one way or another. Videodrome suggests something more than people getting zombified  and losing touch with their real existence through a series of flickering images. Was this a sign of things to come? Or was it more a statement on how we have become accustomed to , fail to be shocked by, and eventually come to expect-the hardcore, the sick, the strange, the overt, the degenerate.  What is the next logical leap? We become what we consume.  It used to be ‘ you are what you eat’, but what about what your mind devours? Sick and twisted  served up as casually mainstream, like the ‘humor’ on that dreadful show ‘Family Guy’ , unthinkable not-so-many years ago- the ante has been upped and is continuously re-upped. We have the  personal computer with which to distract ourselves, with which to find interaction, if only ‘virtual’ such as in Videodrome.

Brian O’Blivion: [to Max Renn] Your reality is already HALF video hallucination. If you’re not careful, it will become TOTAL hallucination. You’ll have to learn to live in a very strange new world.

What new, awful, personal  thing can we reveal about ourselves on a myspace page?  How much is your Internet Reputation worth to you vs Your Real Life and those within it? How big of a public tantrum can we throw, what new attention-getting obnoxious thing can we say, what new thing can we do to test our ‘friend’s’ loyalty, what we can get them to do? How many votes we can get?  And, if don’t do it ourselves, we can get off on the sarcastic nastiness, backbiting , endless pseudo-debates with people we don’t know. Are they worth talking to?   It is yet another example of what I talked about  in the last article I put up about the media establishing memes and correlations. In the case of the horrible television shows, they take some little slice-of-life and juxtapose that with something creepy, like  possibly gay babies that speak in affected accents (Stewie) or the  dad who cross-dresses. There are so many examples on that show of  how the media tries to mainstream things that are aberrations.  I hate that show with a passion, though some WN actually find it entertaining.

Why does the American public gobble up this tripe, love it with such fervor? I hear them talking about these people as if they know them!  “isn’t so-and-so a bitch?”  ” I hope so- and-so wins the American Idolatry  contest,  that judge doesn’t know what he’s talking about!”.  Why do they care? Why are they so interested in celebrities? Why do they matter at ALL?  Your life is legitimate all by its wee non-TV self. Get it?

It’s something to talk about- so that we don’t have to a) talk about our own selves, B) it fills the uncomfortable-to-some spaces of real conversation with  third person experiences rather than  reflection on something that pertains to a real person, work,  art, joy, sickness, luck, money,  birth,death- the stuff of a real existence. c) it fills the space we could have thinking about and planning  our own lives.  A distraction that says we should be steered away from real experiences, from sharing them, steered away from introspection, silence- and into a  world  of artifice, sensation- that has nothing to do with us.

If we started giving a crap about what people we talk to in day-to-day life are thinking , and what their real experiences of the world are-  as well as our own -what the hell would we need TV for? Instead of craving escape, we might become dissatisfied. We might start seeing things in real life we don’t agree with . We might start caring about Real Things, like War. Like being told half-truths or  all-lies by the media.  We might start questioning.  We might become restless and angry.  Worse, we might start  speaking  to others, and collectively want to take action.

In  the little communities that settled this country, or in small villages in Europe, would they have been interested in  watching sports, or ‘reality shows’ ? No, they were worried about their own and focused on building, sustaining life, growing food, earning their bread, on creating, advancement , taking care of their children, their sick, their elders, on preparing for the winter, on celebrating their victories, mourning their losses. The idea of keeping track of what fictional characters some group that had nothing in common with themselves had invented would not only be foreign and ridiculous, but stupid, counter-productive. It wouldn’t make sense. That would take away from their own lives, would take away from their own stories and beliefs. Stories about people they  had no relation to, that had no effect on their lives would not be of interest. Yet this is the premise of the  American ‘reality show’, that we should pay attention, that we should take an interest in what other people are doing in artificially constructed ‘reality’ , that we should emulate them, that we are ‘like them’.

In ancient Greece and Rome people put on plays, enacted various dramas, theater- but that was participatory, it was also a real social event that brought people of one area together.  Whether it was entertaining, or whether it added value to their lives is subjective. However, it says something that much of what they did is still around today. Thousands of years from now, if there is anything left-will people think what is called ‘American Culture’ is Spears and Springer? It is as real as TV can make you believe. The whole thing is exactly what they claim Race to be , a Construct. They define and redefine ‘reality’, ‘truth’ , and we look to this Thing,  this box of quickly flashing images and talking heads, and we are supposed to trust what they say, buy their crap, and believe they know what they are talking about when they say “this is harmful” , “this is hate”, “this is what you should like, this is what you should be for or against,  these are the beliefs you should subscribe to” , this is what ‘normal’ looks like, this is what ‘sick’ looks like- and we do believe it, because we want to trust the box, we want to get approval from other box-watchers, want to live up to The Box’s definition of Good Americans. Are they Fair? Are they Balanced? As opposed to what?

Where is your  Reality Reference Point?  Do you hold yourself up to actors? TV cooks? Makeover shows?  Do you watch those  I’m-in-the-wilderness-surviving-alone-with-a-camera-crew shows and at once are impressed but relieved it isn’t you? Does it make you feel warm and safe, does it make you feel admiration?  Do you worry if you get a nasty email or if someone posts something lousy about you, whether or not they know you? Media is always talking about being ‘careful’ and ‘responsible’, pounding into our heads this sense that someone is watching, Careful, Responsible, Fair.  Many people  are much more interested in a Cause only in an impersonal sense- Cause as compartmentalized, fictional ideal, and  Real Life as Something Else- secondary at best. Do we value the things we claim to only in a vague, intellectual yet superficial way? Do we want to simply surround ourselves with those things, talk about them, yet cease to be them? Is it too late for these things?

There are things still left in the world that are intrinsically beautiful and good, in and of themselves, no media hype necessary. They have value because of what they are, or  perhaps in a utilitarian sense- for what they can do. We don’t need the spotlight and jangly TV to tell us these things when we recognize them, we just know. Or do we? Has TV, junk magazines seeped so far into our supposed waking hours that we now only ‘dream’ our choices, our beliefs- our natural instincts stripped away in the quest for More, Econo, Crunchier, Smoother, Higher-Yielding, Bigger, Shinier, Richer, Thicker, Younger, Longer, Straighter, Thinner, Louder, Sexier, Brighter, New and Improved! 2.0, 3.0, ad infinitum?

Things that have inherent value don’t need to be pushed at us.  One need not make excuses for or qualify them. Have you ever noticed that the TV will never, ever tell you that you don’t need something unless its aim is to sell you something about how you don’t need something, whether it  be on Oprah’s Plantation of White Gurus, or a late-night infomercial selling you ab-rockers to magically rid you of your unsightly imperfections. Have you ever noticed you will never see an ad that says , ‘Hey, turn off the  TV and read a book, here is a list of good ones’. When the TV tells parents to read to their kids, the parents tell the nanny to read to their kids.  Ahh, vicarious parenting. Good-illegal-non-stealing-non-complaining-just-like-one-of-the-family help is so hard to find.

Value your life, guard it jealously, and take care of yourself, your own life as it exists apart from ‘internet activism’, mindless consumerism. Do not let the memes that come from TV absorb you and cause you to internalize their ways of regarding the world, their ways of telling you what’s what.  Remember how people used to warn off kids from pot because they said it would ‘lead to harder drugs’ and most of us laughed? One rarely hears anyone warning a kid off TV as it might lead to a softer brain, a brain with neuro-illogical pathways. Remember the life you have outside of television, of internet, of advertisements, magazines, shopping, stuff. It is yours, it does not belong to a Machine.

Brian O’Blivion: After all, there is nothing real outside our perception of reality, is there?

“I will only appear on TV-ON TV” he says.

Movie: The Sea Inside

movie trailer

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Just to recommend this movie ‘The Sea Inside’- and yes, based on a true story-
The Sea Inside (Mar Adentro)
based on the true story of Spaniard Ramon Sampedro who fought a 30-year campaign to be allowed to end his life with dignity, after an accident left him paralyzed from the neck down.






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Mar Adentro (Ramon Sampedro)

Mar adentro, mar adentro.
Y en la ingravidez del fondo
donde se cumplen los sueños
se juntan dos voluntades
para cumplir un deseo.

Un beso enciende la vida
con un relámpago y un trueno
y en una metamorfosis
mi cuerpo no es ya mi cuerpo,
es como penetrar al centro del universo.

El abrazo más pueril
y el más puro de los besos
hasta vernos reducidos
en un único deseo.

Tu mirada y mi mirada
como un eco repitiendo, sin palabras
‘más adentro’, ‘más adentro’
hasta el más allá del todo
por la sangre y por los huesos.

Pero me despierto siempre
y siempre quiero estar muerto,
para seguir con mi boca
enredada en tus cabellos.

Mar adentro, mar adentro,
e na leveza do fundo onde se realizam os sonhos
se juntam duas vontades para realizar um desejo.
Seu olhar e meu olhar como um eco, repetindo, sem palavras.
Mais adentro, mais adentro.
Até mais além de tudo, pelo sangue e pelos ossos.
Mas eu acordo sempre, e sempre quero estar morto
para seguir com minha boca enredada em seus cabelos.
Mar Adentro – Alejandro Amenábar

Out to sea. Out to sea, and in the weightlessness of the deep where dreams come true, two souls unite to fulfill a single wish. Your gaze and mine, over and over like an echo, repeating silently: “Deeper, and deeper,” beyond everything that is flesh and blood. But I always awaken and I always wish for death, my lips forever entangled in your hair.

 Mar Adentro (Ramon Sampedro)  Translation to English, but of course not exactly the same

Sea Inside, seaward.
And in weightlessness fund
where dreams are fulfilled
two wills
come together to fulfill a wish.

A kiss ignites life
with lightning and
a thunder and a metamorphosis
my body is no longer my body,
is like entering the center of the universe.

The embrace more childish
and the purest of kissing up to us

reduced in a single desire.

Your eyes and my eyes
repeating like an echo, without words
‘more inside’, ‘more inside’
until beyond all
by blood and bones.

But I always awake and always want to be dead,
to continue with my mouth
tangled in your hair.

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When Whites Were “Free” -Mad Men

scene mad men previews

  Created by the Soprano’s writer. Yeah I KNOW . Don’t say you never have watched an episode of Soprano’s , however you came about it. They’re there. There’s no way to avoid it. I get that. Let’s proceed..

A very non-PC show, everyone relevant  is White, women still wear skirts and are not anorexic, people smoke, there’s black elevator operators,  they said the word  ‘jew’ in the context ‘are there jews here?’   OMG !  great  examples of what would now be deemed sexual harrassment in work scenes, all kinds of millenially unacceptable repartee and situations.    

Apparently, this series is not new, but I watch so little TV  that I  only now have become aware of it. Sure looks like it was good to be a White man then (late50’s  early 60’s?), and it wasn’t even so horrible to be a White woman either, despite the protests and bra burnings that would follow . It was great but at the same time almost made me want to cry for what we have lost, and how repressed we have become, and I don’t mean that in the  predictable sexual sense,  but  more  the freedom people had to say what was on their mind, the sense of belonging, confidence-the sense we could freely be without the invisible restraints- the shackles of ‘PC’  -you could express your ‘ISM’  and no one would call you names like ‘___IST’  ,hater  or worse,  you could  live, work, love around people you wanted to be around, the world was not offensive to you, wherever you went, things were nice, the decor tasteful, music to your liking -perhaps people either did or didn’t follow all social graces, but they were still rather ‘dealwithable’ , unlike drive-by shootings, home invasions, and illegal aliens.  People knew their place and  people were not constantly walking around with a chip on their shoulder or being  terminally offended. One could make a light joke, like that Farr guy did about the White House and Obama  and it wasn’t the end of the frigging world.

Now of course, there is the obligatory paying homage to the Chosen, in either the character development, storyline, who seems smart and sexy versus who seems doofy type crud, but try to  separate the wheat from the chaff, use it as a thinking tool, a reflecting pond- enjoy what you can- this series also reminds me of another  film I saw so many years ago about the same time period, –

Movies from the old days illustrate how much freer and happier in general people were than they are now – That in a republic where people know their place,  one knows what to expect and what is expected from them and in general, things tend to make more sense; hence less confusion, more simplicity and clarity, hence more happiness.  We don’t have that now, everything is wishy-washy, ‘correctness’  but not sincerity,  ‘egalitarians’ but not gentlemen-  equivocating even in its indirectness- neither fish nor fowl.  Celebration of  inanity, inanity that mocks depth, people doing the minimum or less .  I hate that, it makes me feel ill. These days, when someone isn’t a fake or a flake , I want to hand them a medal-and it shouldn’t be that way.

A disturbing thought about this series is that it may not be only giving us a glimpse  into something that is prima facie retro , over,  past, but that their point might be:

 ‘and all this is over, aren’t you so glad we don’t have to live like that now?’

No. As per usual, I end up liking the movie versions of dystopia and identifing with anti-heroes better than the real  equality-utopia fiction we actually live..