Rahm Emanuel’s New Police Chief Sucking up to Blacks- blames 2nd amendment, The Man, Sarah Palin for Crime in Chicago

 Government-sponsored racism? In Chicago? Wait, wasn’t Chicago one of those  places where they were going to get rid of the police test because it was automatically deemed ‘racist’ because blacks weren’t passing it? This video, can you say P A N D E R I N G?

When crack hos walk the street, and there’s a gun on everyone you meet, who do we blame?  WHITEY!

When the children can’t read, and more and more mouths to feed,who do we blame?  WHITEY!

When people worry about their seat, and they catch the scent of defeat, who do they attack?  WHITEY!

“The NRA does not like me and I’m OK with that. We’ve got to get the gun debate back to center with the recognition of who’s paying the price for the gun manufacturers being rich and living in gated communities.”

 One of these days, peeps, we’re going to have to talk about what being a political pimp is. We’re heard of poverty pimps, program pimps (think the do-nothing-give-us-your-cash-bitches type stuff and squirrely ACORNish stuff) but then there is just straight up, boot-licking, corn-syrup coated 976-HOTT, rile up the underclasses bullcrappity, like this douche.

He’s using his ‘I’m-on-your-side,we-hate-the-same-people-look-I-ripped-on-palin-i-hate-rich-white-people-even-though-i-probably-am-one-dont-let-that-stop-you-from-believing-i’m-on-your-side and-i-must-be-your-friend’ voice, mixed in with a little  let-me-entertain-you stand-up comedian. It’s like the class/race equivalent of ‘hey, your feet must be tired, cuz you been running through my head allll night, baby!’

According to January – May 2011 Chicago Police Department crime statistics, 56.1% of Chicago murders were gang-related. In 29.6% of these murder cases, the offender was an acquaintance, intimate partner or relative of the victim, while in 38.6% the relationship was not established. In 81.8% of cases, the assailant had a prior CPD record. 65.9% of offenders were African American, 38.1% were Hispanic, and 2.3% were white.

 “She (Sarah Palin) was caribou hunting, and talking about the right to bear arms,” he said. “Why wasn’t she at the crime scene with me?”

  You’re a  moron, McC.  Look at the stats. You think Palin and her “hey kids, look at that grizzly,isn’t it neat-o , it’s only feet away and it’s a mommy, like me? Oh, this is so cool! ” You think bagging on that, as head-scratching as that show was the one time I watched it- you think Sarah has anything the EFF to do with crime in Chicago? Palins, Tigers and Bears Oh My! You think whatever amount of white people that are left in Chicago have anything to do with this BS? You’re actually going to do race-preaching because you know it’s like some kind of soul strip-tease that people will go “oooh yeah mama, shake that thing!” and give you money, right? Oh wait, they’re already giving you money. Umm, you work for The Man.

This is just so effed up. And all those people taken in by this bullshit, yelling “yeah tell it!” and clapping, so desperate are they for someone to even pay attention to them, actually believing this dude gives a rat’s ass,thinking he’s on their side, when really they don’t have a side- no one wants Bill Cosby AKA Buzz Killington, lecturing about hey, stop having kids at 13, then 15, then 16 by different baby daddies, learn to effing read, and don’t  smoke crack and steal shit and rape and kill people . Being lectured is no fun. It feels insulting, embarassing and just sucks. So no one wants to be the mean, lecturing person- people want to be liked and popular n shyt- so- they blame Whitey AKA The Man. Even when ‘the man’ looks like the brady bunch mom on 5 hour energy drink (Palin).  

Anyway, The Man is a totally punked out biatch about now. When The Man was doing gubbmint sponsored real ‘racism’ n shyt, people were too afraid to be rapin, lootin and killin.  Now this wannabe, gubbmint ho is up there just trying to entertain yo azz and make you feeeeeellll better. We do the same shit here in the outer reaches of Whitelandia, only we pat ourselves on the back for all the good deeds we do instead of having this d-bag up there trying to make us think he’s cool and our friend.

No, we don’t care if our d-bags like us, we’re trying to look cool to each other- and we can only get cooler by being like Sean Penn or Bono and thinking we can save the world- and by having dudes blame The Man, meanwhile…. while he is ragging about NRA dudes living the high life, and oh he is so full of shyt- how many gubbmint poverty pimps/program panderers live awesomely- you know, like those TV preachers? So in the words of many a guest on Jerry and their practical…umm ‘wisdom’…, ‘he don’t know you, he don’t pay your bills and he needs to sit the eff down!”

It’s kinda like the way we white people blame our parents, blaming The Man is.  Sort of.  Except The Man isn’t really their ‘parent’ so we have these stand-ins*for The Man.  We’ve heard many, many lectures-based on-  do your homework,don’t pick your nose, be nice to animals,do return the favor re play dates and gifts, don’t smoke crack cause this momma and daddy won’t be reading you those gay-ass sad letters on ‘Intervention’ and paying your rent, do tell the teacher if some kid smacks you on the playground- don’t come back with a gun or knife and try to kill them, do not drink and drive, don’t talk mean about ex’s, do buy fair trade coffee, don’t spit on the street, do pay your bills on time, don’t wear inapropriate clothes in public, do tell your kids about pervs and how not to talk to them, believe they need any help from a kid, or believe any BS about how they’ll kill us if you don’t get in the van, don’t write bad checks, do write thank-you notes, don’t go in other people’s medicine cabinets,do remember to visit grandma, don’t double-dip in the peanut butter, don’t make yourself puke on purpose, do pick up your own socks and put them in the laundry and recycle n’ shyt. That’s just the beginning.

*I suppose one could call them ‘scape-ghosts’ for when you’re the only whitey in the room, you gotta invent the fake scape-ghost whitey to hate on, so everyone doesn’t turn on you.  

OK , and now… the suckuppery:



Today’s ‘Offensive’, Dystopian, D-bag News..

Continuing with the theme of Everyone is Offended….oh and everyone does know that Offensive Tweet Day is coming up, don’t they? Let the world beware, hmm.

woman thinks a container of dip dumped on her porch is a hate-crime “LAGUNA HILLS – A woman called the police at 7:23 p.m. on Sunday from 24400 block of Marquis Court and said someone threw a bowl of tabouleh salad on her patio and she thinks it’s racially motivated because it’s food from the Middle East and she is not Middle Eastern. She later called back and said it was not what she thought it was.”


More lameness : “The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Bill is expected to be passed in time for the new season in July….The bill – which faces its first vote in parliament later on Thursday – aims to stamp out abusive behaviour from football fans whether they are watching matches in a stadium, in the pub or commenting online.”


omg, someone said something about rednecks-
“In the video, Farmer makes jokes about Eastern Kentucky during a performance at the Derby Dinner Playhouse in Clarksville, Ind. Farmer joked that Eastern Kentucky is a place where “cars are on blocks and houses are on wheels.” He says someone told him the FBI would not investigate a particular county “cause all the DNA is alike and there ain’t no dental records.”


Proposed Ban on goldfish in SF
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/06/16/san-francisco-wants-to-ban-goldfish-to-prevent-their-inhumane-suffering/#ixzz1Q5FdhYJ0

Gratuitous scary J-Hahn pic  http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2011/06/rab_062111.html

Chinese food place names itself after the valley girl college chick’s you tube video  Ching-chong Ling -long whatever  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/disgrasian/ucla-chinese-food-deliver_b_880897.html

Ann Landers, ex-advice maven tweeted  about telmundo http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/22/margo-howards-blagojevich-tweet_n_882019.html

In March, Russian champion Zenit St. Petersburg was fined $10,000 after one of its fans offered a banana to Roberto Carlos at a pre-match ceremony.  http://www.usatoday.com/sports/soccer/2011-06-22-440211796_x.htm

More UN-PC tweeting , this time by someone names Cee-Lo (? who is this?)

“I respect your criticism, but be fair! People enjoyed last night! I’m guessing you’re gay? And my masculinity offended you? Well f*** you!” http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/06/22/vicci-martinez-cee-lo-green-apology-tweet/

this dude all worked up over facebook ‘hataz’ posting crap he doesn’t like,  lovely sentiments such as “I’m gonna keep talking sh*t to these white f*ggots until they unlike my page. f*cking weirdo stalkers!”“p*ssy a** white boys make me sick man..YALL BEEN f*ckING WITH US SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME..how can you say “i hate you…f*ck RACIST I HATE YOU” http://hiphopwired.com/2011/06/13/soulja-boy-goes-off-on-haters-on-facebook/

and this dude is oh so very sorry he was hoping to see some hot chicks… wow, not hot chicks. O>M>G> really?

Councillor John Parker says he’s sorry for an indiscreet tweet, in which he referred to meeting “hot chicks” while attending a Heritage Toronto event Monday.

“To the extent that offence has been taken I regret that and accordingly apologize for it today,” he said on Tuesday.  That is so weak.


 Random: I hear Mel’s dating a shortish Greek goth chick. Being a half-Greek, shortish ex-goth myself, I’m betting  she can handle it. Oh no, now the baklava craving is back.  http://www.iol.co.za/tonight/gossip/risque-model-is-mel-s-new-flame-1.1085492

ACORN, remember them, the people that brought you  ‘pads for pimps’?  Yeah well, “The Supreme Court isn’t going to listen to ACORN argue that they really should be eligible for federal funding.”   GOOD!


White people -of course described as “angry” like to live in the mountains around other white people, DUH-HEY.  OMFG, like this is  news.  Ya, we farm stuff and sit around campfires playing guitar, shovelin’ snow, riding horses and building stuff and eating  sausages and drinking copious amounts of awesome imported beer talking about the old bitchin’ camero we used to have in the 80’s, before everything started to officially suck- real angry stuff, them white people up in dem mountains.  Quick , gubbmint  start a program, it’s too white OMFG screamm of horrrorrr ! (they still won’t be invited even if you give ’em free rent,And the black people and the brown people and the yellow people and all of sesame street are so effin freaked that they aren’t invited to these soirees. Uh-huh. Like they give a shit.)   http://gawker.com/5814365/%7CcommentLink%7C 

Some actual angry white people  http://gawker.com/5733427/angry-man-screaming-jew-at-congressman-is-not-a-great-face-for-tea-party  kind of tough to know exactly what was said and what the hell was going on in this. Lot of awesome yelling and screaming though. Hey, how come all these la raza groups can yell and scream but when we do it, it’s The End of the Freaking World. I guess we’re just not allowed to be pissed off. F-that.

Obsessed with Grammar – yes, it’s true. I commit grammatical faux pas all the time, but I’m dealng with it, with help of a support group. In fact, there’s this secret medication they give white people so we can cope with the multitudes of grammatical crimes we see committed constantly. http://jacksonville.com/opinion/blog/403838/phillip-milano/2011-06-22/dare-ask-are-white-people-obsessed-good-grammar

oh and speaking of being of the caucasian persuasion- we’re a minority officially-  I want free shit now! We all probably knew this was already the case, guess they figured, they couldn’t hide it from us any longer, now that they are going to start drectly pandering to all these other groups. Man, that mountain hideaway thing with the beer is looking better and better. Does that mean with all my awesome GRE scores and grades, I might now get accepted into a non-private university graduate program ?

Guess we can thank the Mormons that there are any white people left at all- yeah I know, they’ve got  the intolerance for The Gays, an issue I don’t really care about much, except for the parades. We all got sold the idea to paranoiac levels- that having a kid was like climbing Everest, practially undoable on every level, or at least until one had saved up prodigious amounts of cash, a 401K, had a BMW or at least a prius- you had to Have Your Shit COmpletely Together and then, you had to take classes and hire experts -all this whilst, you know,  all these other groups had the idea that they wouldn’t have to decide between  children and long-term care insurance, because if every generation has kids young, there’s someone there to watch the grandchildren and enough people young enough and around to help with grandparents.



Something rotten in Denmark..

gag-worthy thing not to tell your kids, from this film:  ” there are no evil people, only those who are sad and don’t have love in their lives. “   Oh that is such a crock ! Isn’ that straight out of douchebag Barney the Dinosaur? Just lie still and take it, Barney, I won’t leave any marks.

“This week’s film comes from director Ole Bornedal (Nightwatch, Nightwatch), and it shows us that white people are violent and racist bastards no matter the language..From the knee-jerk reactions and mob mentality of the film’s obvious bad guys to the misguided and ill-advised “heroics” by Johannes, the film’s final stance is that the real world sits uncomfortably between the ideal definitions of right and wrong. That and the fact that white men are total pricks.” 


Look Ma, attorney slimeballs on board! (give us your cash bitch thing continued)



Above link- lawyers are now in full wannabe badass mode, take your video down or…. hmm, wait, what about that free speech thing? I suppose if they had some dude who looked like he was hawking ibuprofen with the hair sprayed comb-over talking in that ‘I’m not a Dr, but I play one on TV’ voice, that would have been ok. Most serious middle-aged white dude voice “Do you want money that your kids could use for college spent on this?”

Even though money actually did go to gang dudes, past or present, incarcerated or not, of whatever freaking color/background/ethnicity.. and Hahn was the person who was behind that program… the video is not a lie- they are just kvetching about the presentation- who says political ads have to always feature the fake doctor types? Who says politics isn’t offensive in and of itself? When was it not nasty, catty, brutal and even disgusting? Really?

Or is it a threat because it tells it like it really is, and is attention-grabbing and easily understood even to ADD texting-obsessed millenials- an age group that usually either completely doesn’t give a shit about politics or will turn into tree-sitting trustafarians at the drop of a hackey-sack- meaning they are ‘for’ whoever is perceived as picked on, or they at least want to be perceived as being for the underdog- as long as the underdogs aren’t off-leash in their gated hoods- and maybe even that group might see it and start thinking- if only out of self-interest- hey, that money that is taken from my mom and pop out of their taxes for this BS, that could have been my new IPAD/VW/Ugg boots and instead it is going to Julio the drug-lord!

No, you don’t get to implement idiotic policies like paying gang members to be ‘gang intervention specialists’ and not get an Idiocracy-like backlash. They totally deserve it and let’s hope there are even more in-your-face type ads that counter-protest that very same idiocy.

The attorney letter is the thing that is insulting, assuming that everyone who sees the video will be offended- the whole ‘this harms womyn, this harms the black folk, this gives you cavities, yeast infections, and might even make you learn Linux…’ making the assumption that people who see it are just too dumb to get the point- or at least trying to trade on the Always Offended crowd. Surprised Gloria Allred herself hasn’t laptop-jacked Ehlinger, but maybe she’s busy trying to get Hahn to give some of that green for Whitman’s illegal alien ex-maid.

Acting as if a political attack video is any worse than what’s on television on any reality show, and as though politics is about niceness and non-offensiveness- that’s just beyond disingenuous (wanker-gate text-pic anyone?), and just shows how threatened these doofuses are. Maybe they are afraid there will be still more modern-day portrayals of the scam of endless do-nothing and demographic-coddling programs,which = their made-up jobs, because no doubt there is an entire cadre of ‘gang interventionist’ managers/admins/directors/promoters,and similar lame ideas- and they certainly don’t want their cash taken away.

These d-bags can apologize to the tax-payers for wasting our money, and these lawyers can apologize for insulting our intelligence and by proxy, defending wasting our money. They have the right to have their panties in a bunch, sure- but Ehlinger also has the right to twist them up that way- it’s called free speech. So back the fuck off, censorious shitheads, this isn’t a library.

a place where you won't find many gang intervention specialists

So yeah, I guess they can ‘suck it’…


 (response  to attorney letter)

Alabama: No Welcome Mat for those Breaking and Entering

Well I heard mister Young sing about her
Well, I heard ole Neil put her down
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow

                                                                                  Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Alabama vaulted past Arizona on Thursday with what is being called the most restrictive law in the nation against illegal immigration, requiring schools to find out if students are in the country lawfully and making it a crime to knowingly give an illegal immigrant a ride.….also allows police to arrest anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant if the person is stopped for some other reason. In addition, it requires all businesses to check the legal status of workers using a federal system called E-Verify.

Among other things, the law makes it a crime for landlords to knowingly rent to an illegal immigrant. Another provision makes it a crime to transport a known illegal. Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/06/09/alabama-governor-signs-tough-illegal-immigration-law/#ixzz1OqJpuuiq

Color me impressed.I want  to be happy for you, all my overall-wearing  300 thread-count friends , but I know what it might mean for California, which is oh goody, more for us so they can beat us up and stab us at ball games ( Bryan Stow, Tim Griffith)..and basically continue to break us. You heard about the fire department in Alameda that lets people drown, right?  Well, now the prison system is full- gee how the heck did that happen? I bet it has something to do with the flood of illegals and their criminal, gang bullshit and generations of it. No wonder I heard the other night the gun store can’t keep ammo in stock- but sincerely- good for you, Alabama, for not taking it lying down and ‘squealing like a pig’, so to speak- you know, like we do out here, land o fruits and nuts and wussies.

I know, I know- Southern people are polite , not full of blackshirted hate like us- oh wait,I forgot- yeah, some of ya’ll are!  If I only had a Dunhill to celebrate with.  Sigh.

There still is the weirdness that you should have to come up with any new law to just follow the one that is already there, right? Or am I wrong? But if this is  the way it has to happen, someone has to be hardcore and do something and I hope for your sake it sticks. When the lawsuits start, FIGHT THEM, damn it. Don’t let these groups intimidate you- if you don’t do anything it will be like out here,  the second census data counts enough 18 year olds, will sell your state out too.

The Not-so-Peaceful Peace Corp: More Women Come Forward

Anyone remember Kate Puzey- the young peace corp volunteer who was raped and killed a few years ago? She’s mentioned in a past post on this blog.  Turns out her rape and death wasn’t the ‘isolated incident’ these do-gooder groups want you to think it was. Women are coming forward.  People, don’t send your daughters to a third world undeveloped country to try to ‘help’.  Now her parents think she was set up to be raped and killed because she revealed that another worker for the peace corp, Constant Bio, pictured below was raping/molesting students- and had fathered children by some of the students.

Constant Bio, at the time a contractor for the Peace Corps, is the primary suspect in the case. He has been held in a prison in Natatingou, Benin for more than a year and a half. A magistrate judge continues to investigate the case.  http://abcnews.go.com/widgets/mediaViewer/image?id=12608910   Now more women are coming forward.


In 1991, while serving in Niger, Peace Corps volunteer Karestan Koenen was raped in broad daylight. Devastated, she reported the rape to Peace Corps officials in Washington, D.C. The responding official brusquely blamed Koenen for the crime, saying, “I am so sick of you girls going out with men, drinking and dancing, and then when something happens, you call it rape.”

Read more: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/editorial/7566117.html#ixzz1MUmfWr00

“”I trusted the Peace Corps, I believed in the Peace Corps. And then [Peace Corps officials] did everything they could to blame me, to not provide adequate care, and even to provide care that was subsequently harmful to me,” she told ABC News in a recent interview.
 Don’t trust these groups girls- just because someone says they are good, or says they want good things to happen, or that you too , can be part of this ‘goodness’-remember, as awful as this is going to sound. Niceness isn’t always Real, like the Velveteen Rabbit. Niceness can be just a skill, something one becomes good at- and groups like this are very good at it. But oh, look what they DO when something Very Bad and Wrong happens, look what they said to that one woman- they blamed her. The very same way they are blaming the people in Greece for fighting back against the murderous violence there- a result of more and more immmmiiigraaaaaation. Blame the victim. 
But good for you, girls, women- for speaking out- it’s too late for Kate, but I’m glad you are still alive. You want to do some real good? Good that isn’t about the imaginary tale of poor children practically worshipping you like you are some Good Fairy while you are unwittingly and literally putting your life at risk?  Then save others from this horrific fate by telling what happened to you, and telling how you were treated. You know you are not the same since this happened to you, but you can save some other woman from the same fate, because maybe they will hear your story- maybe they will hear that it is not just you, but more than one of you- then maybe- they will actually start to believe it is Real and Dangerous.
                 Another thing, but as important. It is not your repsonsibility or job to save the world. Whoever made you believe it was- lied to you. They lied to you on at least two levels: That you should and that you could. Our country has a real problem with that- thnking we can save all the world’s ills and disagreements. It’s actually kind of arrogant and prideful. Think of all the good Kate could have done in her own community, were she still alive to do it. Think of the children she will never have and how her goodness is now dead that will not be passed on to those never-to-exist children, because she brought it to the wrong place.- the road to hell being paved with such good intentions. Those places are not ready for women like Kate, and Karestan and Jess, and no doubt others who will hopefully come forward. 
    So, do not believe the LIE that helping your own is a selfish thing, and that you are so desperately needed in these places. It is the organizations that need your free labor in order to solicit donations to keep their gig afloat, in order for the top dogs to keep their programs going, and money coming in. Know that, from the response that one woman got when she revealed what had happened that they don’t care about you as people, as individuals, as women. They knew very well the third world is a mostly dangerous place, yet  they probably made it sound all flowery and practically holy to put yourselves at that much risk, never telling you it was highly likely you would be attacked, raped, threatened and possibly killed.  
Those places need things that are so much bigger than we can provide. Was it worth what happened to you? Sure, only now do they say they are trying to make things better, safer, and so on- but how can they? Do they not get that you are a target? Oh they get it all right. They just do not care. The one woman in one of these video links  said she was raped her first day there.
       Parents, so you really want to send your children, either boys or girls to such awful places as this? Let us hope the answer is a resounding ‘NO!’

KAYE: Puzey says her daughter’s reporting of the rapes led to her murder.

Also testifying, Karestan Koenen, who says she was a victim of rape while working for the Peace Corps as well.


and yet another girl who was raped and threatened with death for reporting it:

Video : http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/video/peace-corps-volunteer-describes-brutal-rape-12600417 http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/editorial/7566117.html

Greece Fights Back, Reacts to Violence from Foreign Invaders

Killed getting ready to take his wife, who was in labor, to the hospital.   Manolis Kantaris, age 44,  had been on the way to pick up his car from a parking garage on Triti Septemvriou Street when he was attacked by three people shortly before 5 a.m., police said.

He had been carrying a bag of baby clothes and a video camera with which he had planned to record the birth of his second child.

According to witnesses, the assailants approached Kantaris and demanded that he hand over the camera. When he resisted, they started stabbing him in the back and neck before grabbing the camera and fleeing.”



(translation)   New evidence highlights second video is in the hands of the police, which shows the faces of the murderers of tragic death of 44 year old father  Manolis Kantaris.  In the video camera recording from a neighboring store recorded the three perpetrators-which, according to preliminary estimates by the police – most likely from the north African countries Algeria or Morocco.
   Prosecutors have the  video lasting about 15 seconds where they show the scene of the murder in cold blood of Manolis  with successive blows with a knife, in order to grab a bag with a camcorder.
 Golden Dawn- Nationalist group in Greece are not amused by the killings and violence coming from the ‘immigrants’ .  Translation is not the greatest, but enough to understand they aren’t taking it lying down.
More attacks, different case, this guy is at least alive when this was reported : The aliens approached him and asked him explain why bears the emblem of his country.  The Lykeiarchis replied: “Because I am Greek”, and so was attacked by aliens who are suspected to be either Pakistanis or Afghans.

The victm was taken by ambulance to the hospital. 
 Of course the media here reports this as terible and horrible, that the people should fight back, as if they were crazed vigillantes going after kids spray painting. Note the difference in how the two cites cover this story.  This wouldn’t be happening if the damn Paki’s and Afghans weren’t there to begin with.
“No one has the right to take the law into their own hands”  whined some castrated, boot-licking  slave of the state. I’m so disappointed in you-  Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie, kissed the state’s ass while his citizens DIED! Don’t want people marching, burning s&^4 and beating these effers into submission themselves?  Well, then…YOU DO IT. After all, wussies- it’s your JOB.  So DO it.
Get them the eff out of there or impose some kind of martial law until they can learn to behave- and go tell your master he isn’t doing HIS job, George- and your excuse line is pretty damn weak. If these people can’t handle civilized society where people aren’t killing  for camcorders, they can get the eff out or risk getting their ass beat down. If they can’t follow the Golden Rule, then they can deal with the Golden Dawn.
Something that gets me in a cogntive dissonance kind of way since I used to get so much warm, fuzzy email calling me a fascist that I actually started to embrace it- is that so many of these articles describe the Golden Dawn and other groups there as being ‘anti-authoritarian’- but…where IS the  dang authority? You can’t be against something that is slacking off, having  meetings over ouzo and baklava and working on its tan. What  EFFING AUTHORITY?  Losing ,anyone?  Authorities: At least make an effort. If you try and fail, even if you make several tries, several different ways yet still fail.
See,  real authority would be keeping these people in line so they wouldn’t even think about robbin’ , rapin, and killin’. That’s THEIR job. If they were DOING their job, the people wouldn’t be out there doing this.  These fauxthority shheads want to stand around in their neato outfits, looking like billy badass, and always, always facing the WRONG way, facing the nationalists as if they are the bad guys, as if they are the threat. That makes you look stupid B. Badass. Stupid and a pussy.  Better turn around before you get a knife inthe back of  your jazzy swat uniform  that won’t be coming from  the nationalist side- and you know it too, Billy. You know you’re facing the wrong way. For the Golden Dawn and others, I don’t criticize you fighting back- but…
 1) Consider being anti-FAIL-authority- you’re doing their job for them, while they  get to collect the paycheck and get to be all smug and righteous and get to call you names like haters and extremists while your people DIE. Yeah, in a perfect world, you don’t need some ahole telling people what to do and how to do it every second.  But every playground needs a yard-duty teacher- just as every inner-city school needs a metal detector for knives…because there is always going to be some disturbed, sick, or simply opportunistic shthead who is going to hurt  girls, bully boys, steal someone’s lunch money-or rape someone at a high-school prom (remember the Richmond, CA story?) just because they can. Because they can get away with it. Because the Author-i-tays don’t actually have any…
 So they can call angry people ‘racists’ , so They can sit and do nothing about the violence- So They can make up more programs, So they can ensure their made-up jobs, So They can call angry people haters, so they can make up special immigration allowances and exceptions and amnesty, So They can let even more in- So They can have more people to niche-market vote-pander to, so They can get more people dependent on the government,  so They can get cheap labor, so They can get more money, so They can pay other people to call tax-paying, non-criminal citizens protectionists and Nazis, so They can avoid the real problem, so They can….. kind of like the 80’s PSA , ‘I’m always chasing rainbows’..
Point being, in the context of what would be called by the douchebag media a ‘changing, urban, rich and diverse’ environs, which we all know is code for crime and crap- sucks ass- That said- if the pussies in power (PIPS?)  are too sissy or selfish to simply do their job, then more power to you.
2) You shouldn’t even have to be in this position. You have the right to your own country. You have the right to live unharmed by savages that kill people over things like camcorders and ipods. You are told you ‘have to accept and tolerate’ but you really don’t. You are right to protest- fighting back IS the correct response. Think things are going to get better if you just sigh and pray about it and hope things get better?
We hear a lot about what is called ‘domestic violence’ but what about ‘international violence’ ? What about the reality of  racial abuse rather than the ubiquitous , blame-the-victim ‘race-ism’ accusation?  Isn’t calling people who are pissed off and fighting back… ‘racists’  like saying that women ‘deserve’ to be raped or worse because they were walking to their car at night, or wearing a dress, or left a window open, or were just there? 
That somehow..it’s her fault, that she brought it upon herself ? If you do play along with that blame-the-victim crap, you are the self-hating coward who has made up a word to save himself- the better to look yourself in the eye shaving. No, it’s YOU who is the Cowardly Sheep in  self-righteous wolve’s clothing- but in the end  you’re still a sheep, you know it- and little red riding hood is no less dead trying to get to granny’s plac, and it’s you, the UnAuthority who killed her.
 Think of your country as your mother, your sister, your daughter- and your people within as her children.  These  foreigners are hurting your family, abusing, raping and killing your children . Just having to live around that is abuse.  Having to live in fear, and witness violence or have it happen to us. Not being able to find a job because of the foreigners undercutting your wages-having to pay endless taxes for these made-up, do-nothing programs for THEM, having our neighborhoods ruined. Yeah, it’s abusive all right. If we counsel women not to put up with it, why the hell would we ever tell a whole country to ? 
Waa waa, don’t fight back, just take it, be tolerant, be afraid, be all about daisy-chains, hippie-dippy alice in la la land diversity and how great it is- but know….that’s a fairy tale.
 Except the ones who are dead….
But there’s no sense crying over every mistake. 
You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.
And the Science gets done.
And you make a neat gun.
For the people who are still alive   -‘Still Alive’ , written byJonathan Coulton for Portal, performed by Ellen Mclain