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Movie: Limitless

   Eddie Morra has the world by the balls, or at least he feels like it, save for those troubling side effects of NZT.  Having been treated to a depressing lunch by a condescendingly kind ex, and recognized wandering through the streets by his ex-brother-in-law … Continue reading

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The White Ribbon

A very creepy movie!

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No Nazi Left Behind: jews unamused over Winslet’s Reader/Lives of Others

 Holocaust education groups are staging a last-ditch bid to stop Kate Winslet winning an Oscar for playing a Nazi concentration camp guard in The Reader. Mark Weitzman, head of Jewish human rights and Holocaust teaching organization The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, … Continue reading

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Another “feel-bad” movie: ‘The Woodsman’

Trailer: Some movies not classfied as horror actually are. The Woodsman is one of these . The title apparently stems from the Little Red Riding Hood  tale, where the woodsman saves her from the big, bad wolf, but in this … Continue reading

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