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Before I get into listing the good stuff, I think I will go off on a gratuitous  side-rant about something entirely unrelated. Exhale. Breathe. Resist the urge for cigarettes and bad food. OK, here it is. There’s a new thing- a small thing- but a thing nonethless that is starting to ruin my usually placid countenance and is threatening to turn me into even more of a creepy Bouguereau painting- and that is…. those horrible little signs or  letters made of wood that people put up in their homes or apartments that say things like ‘believe’, ‘smile’ or ‘dare to dream’. And so on. Why must people do this? Isn’t it the equivalent of those awful motivational posters, now set as some kind of cheesy-ass enviro-subliminal command that makes one feel like the middle of the human centipede after dinner at Taco Bell?  Those horrible ‘feel-good’ signs.  That’s it, we need another gubmint program.

From the Federalist Society ‘The Politically Correct University’ From the Federalist Society ‘The Politically Correct University’ http://www.fed-soc.org/audioLib/PCU-5-5-10.mp3

More here: http://fedsoc.server326.com/audio/MP3s/fsaudio.xml

Something unusual- warning there is a two minute intro of extreme douchery and insufferable lounge music . Some of it is total crap, such as the suggestion that maybe the Vril Society had something to do with missing children in Bavaria- keep going past that part, which is at the beginning.  I know some of you won’t care for this or it may make you afraid, upset or angry but some of you won’t automatically dismiss it.  Granted, it isn’t for everyone.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/vnr/2010/07/22/the-vrill-the-most-secret-of-all-societys.mp3   

If you liked this video, you can find more  here http://wn.com/Carey_Burtt

 http://chipmonk.podbean.com/feed/ simple download page if you dont want to use an mp3 player or just download and play on your PC .  Preppers will appreciate this. The page with descriptions of episodes and an itunes link, which I think has even more of their audios not listed on podbean . This guy talks about everything from composting ,to food preservation,  to hydroponic gardening (food, not dope people), to guns-  all kinds of stuff we should know that we most likely take for granted.  This guy and his family it appears are really living what they describe on the podcasts and have managed to go mostly off-grid. 

Even if you don’t believe in  SHTF* theory and believe it will be more of a dry heave- this stuff is interesting and no one says you have to do all or any of it. He doesn’t sound like he is trying to sound all bad-ass dude in the woods- no insult to the actual bad-ass-dudes-on-the-compounds- I know you ‘re out there! But this guy , because he doesn’t sound like Erik-the-Viking-who-brings-back-his-enemies-heads-for-dinner.. makes the practical advice he gives doable, smart and not even extremely difficult.

http://chipmonk.podbean.com/page/4/  purple button to the right to use itunes or you can play in the page

Basic Training for Revolutionaries- http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6163743/Basic_Training_For_Revolutionaries._%28MP3_Audio_Book._48kbps%29

Urban Survival – Preparing for Civil Unrest : http://urbansurvivalpodcast.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=82:civil-unrest&catid=20:survival&Itemid=107 They have other good stuff too, rooftop gardening , how dealing with life in the city doing survivalist practical stuff or mental stuff differs from rutal environs.

http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/todays-survival-show/id326759859  Bob Mayne – more survivalist stuff

and yet more…   http://selfsufficientandsustainable.com/page/4/ what if you didn’t have heat, or lights/electricity? Again, the subscribe links are under the email blank box.

The audiobookbay.com site has some good stuff (not as awesome as Demonoid, but then what is?) . A little heavy on the faggy TV vampire genre that teen girls love ‘Drakkar, don’t do it, don’t go in the light..’  ‘But I have to Sinderella, I will die for you…”   but thankfully they have other categories…  http://theaudiobookbay.com/audio-books/type/science/

* sh*t hits the fan .


Audio: Hear Killer of Christian/Newsom

“I don’t know what he could have told her to make her not say nothing, you know what I mean, but she didn’t,” Cobbins said.That’s not what he told Still. “Did you hear her screaming or anything?” Still asked.

“Weeping,” Cobbins answered. “She was saying, ‘No, no, don’t do that, no, don’t do that.’ “

Cobbins admits he was at the scene of the carjacking but insists it was Davidson and Boyd, who has not been charged in the carjacking or slayings, who carried out the crime.


Cobbins Interview with Knox Sheriff pt 4 AUDIO: Cobbins Interview with Lebanon (KY) Police

http://www.volunteertv.com/home/headlines/38721042.html  Cobbins, Davidson motion hearing  AUDIO: Cobbins Interview with Knox Sheriff pt 1AUDIO: Cobbins Interview with Knox Sheriff pt 2AUDIO: Cobbins Interview with Knox Sheriff pt 3AUDIO: Cobbins Interview with Knox Sheriff pt 4AUDIO: Cobbins Interview with Lebanon (KY) Police

These are rather long, about  30 min each. Hear this POS lie and cry, and actually believe his BS will fly. It’s like he is too dumb to even connect the dots to what the cops already have established as fact and work from that. The cops talk to him like he is slow.  Cobbins breaks down crying. He  gets animated, he flips out at certain points.  Awww ,the poor rapist, murderer, immolator, torturer, sodomizer, poisoner, thief – you name it.He’s so scared, he’s so disenfranchised- everyone is out to get him.

My heart does not bleed for this guy, or any of them. Just because someone is pathetic doesn’t mean you are obliged towards pity or mercy. Cops are trying to get him to roll over on one or more of the other suspects,as if he is an innocent bystander.”I ain’t gonna lose my life for nobody!”   A lot of it is unintelligible. What makes me worry about the above quote  is that if the cops/lawyers might not think they can get the death penalty for all of them-why the cops are trying to get this one to rat out the other one. I’m not hearing remorse. I’m not hearing shame. I’m hearing someone afraid and angry with their back against the wall, who knows he is outsmarted and outgunned and all concerned know that he was involved with the rest of them.  I’ve written about this case a few times here, most recently


 I only regret that killing them is the worst they can do. That’s  like putting neosporin on skin cancer.

More google news results :

 They don’t deserve the trials to be moved. It doesn’t matter with crimes as  heinous as these. When the prosecution presents the evidence-and the jury hears the details of what they did-and no doubt they will hear from the coroner- one would tend to think even the most ‘saintly anti-death penalty’  people would have to ask themselves  if the sickest, most violent truly deserve to share this earth with the rest of us-and if so, what does that say about the value of life? Is it only Ok to be against torture when some groups do it, say in the name of war? Oh, it’s such a shameful thing. Torture is awful.  Women getting raped and mutilated  in (insert third world country), same thing- a cause worth a bumpersticker like Tibet?  But rape and torture and murder of our own children?  Well, that’s just Hateful. That was just an accident, like a three year old breaking a vase, we’re just making way too much of this.  Do you see the incongruity here? 

Many of us know about what this guy Pitts said, but it bears repeating, so that the unsympathetic vitriol  can be seen under the  red transparency film , like those spy books you could get from scholastic as a kid. You place the transparency over what you think you see, the obligatory disclaimer of “If they did it , I hope they rot” and you see underneath “You people have it coming, F U and the horse you rode in on.”  It’s not cute or clever to be snide, mocking and self-righteous about ‘racists!’ when at least 4 of your own committed such atrocities. It’s inappropriate and disingenuous to use a crime of this proportion as a springboard to go after people who are not Reality Deniers, like himself.

 It always amazes me when white people put on the victim hat.  And here I’m obligated, because I’m black, to say that if the defendants in this case did what they are accused of doing, I’d be happy to see them rot under the jailhouse. Sadly, that needs saying because there are people who will not take it as a given. But with that obligation fulfilled, let me add that I am likewise unkindly disposed toward the crackpots, incendiaries and flat-out racists who have chosen this tragedy upon which to take an obscene and ludicrous stand. I have four words for them and any other white Americans who feel themselves similarly victimized.http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/opinion/2003731134_pitts03.html

   I’m not the only one who was offended- here’s one comment, among many others out there:

 ” When a Pulitzer Prize winner adds the inclusive “AND” and then tags “any other white Americans that feel themselves similarly victimized” along with it, he is including exactly that, any other white Americans.   “http://www.newsnet14.com/2007/06/leonard-pitts-you-need-to-apologize-just-like-don-imus/

How much do you want to bet he thinks the Duke Rape Lie was a real hoot ?


      There’s  the school of Golden Rule-itis- the syndrome where people forget that ‘rule’  exists making the assumption that most people are not going to kidnap and rape, torture and kill, that most people will at some point do things they aren’t proud of, but it is important to make distinctions between petit mal evil and grand mal.  They might think to themselves “two wrongs don’t make a right. ” Again, that kind of thinking is applicable towards the majority in the continuum of Bad Acts. They might say to themselves “I can’t save those kids now, it’s too late. Who am I to take another life to remedy their deaths with others?  I don’t want that responsibility, I don’t want that on my conscience. ”

         Again, that  2 wrongs/golden rule stuff  is living in the ether of  Everyone is Basically Good. There’s no such thing as Evil People, only disadvantaged. One can’t carry that PC mumbo-jumbo  in one’s proverbial Privilege Backpack along with the Wow-Maybe-Some-People-Really-Are-More-Impulsive,Violent,Dangerous-and-Much-More-Likely-T0-Kill-Your-Children-Than-Others . Too heavy a burden for anyone.

These conflicting theories separate like oil and water, destroy critical thinking skills- one’s sense of logic and reason and create that ever-present and troublesome sense of cognitive dissonance- The one sense of This thing is Real, and feels Right. I know in my heart it’s True.  This other thing- welll…. this Other Thing is only right  in the rare exception to the rule, and wrong the other 99% of the time, but-dammit I-want-to-keep-my-job-and-not-piss-people-off-and-not-be-called-names. Man, this sucks. It really, really sucks. I know it’s crap, just like all the other bad stufff that goes with this is crap. If  I start caring too much, with all this stuff in my head, I’m going to lose it.

How can one maintain the two conflicting beliefs without slipping into some catatonic-thorazine-like zombie state- a  limbo where we just want to light candles and Think Good Thoughts.  Positive affirmations. Vigils. Balloons. Teddy Bears tied to fences.  Roadside memorials.  The World of I’ll-Be-So-Good-and-Noble-in-the-face-of-Total-Evil-That-in-This-Goodness-I-can-Defeat-It!  I can. I can defeat all forms of Mean, whatever Mean means. Can we fix it?  Yes, we can, says Bob the Builder.  Watch the Superbowl, drink beer, think about celebrities and materialistic pursuits. Be self-absorbed under the guise of Good-Guy Approval Sticker. Because you’re worth it.

Everyone’s a superhero.
Everyone’s a Captain Kirk.
With orders to identify.
To clarify and classify.

                                             Nena, 99 Red Balloons

Someone else has done Evil, yet we can’t accept it. We need to make them Officially Sick. We need to come up with excuses, like …it’s all because their mom was a 12 year old crack addict. If they only had a Dad and a playstation, they wouldn’t have done this! They should have gotten more.. whatever. We’re  busy scrapbooking, hugging, holding  hands and crying. Oh, isn’t it terrible, as if it happened in a vacuum, all by its lonesome, the obligatory ‘isolated event’. Let’s just focus on Positive Memories and take Prozac. Awesome.

 We hear litany after litany:  “it was a  car-jacking  gone wrong”, “It could have been anyone they picked. It wasn’t racial, of course not, how dare ou suggest such!”  or “they were on drugs, otherwise it never would have happened” and try to convince ourselves it’s true. Chalk it up to Random Badness, which of course since we are all =, we are all capable of such, right? We all know someone who sets kids on fire, sodomizes them, tortures and kills them, don’t we? Hmm, let me check.. Nooo, there’s a lot of other random and sometimes dumb things people do, but ya know, those things-can’t say as I do know ayone like that. Must be because they got away with  it, because we’re all the same, but the ones who do it all the time in secret get away with it becauuuseee…” I know, I know , Mr. Kotter!  Because they’re Privileged! It’s that Magical Backpack Thing!  Right?  I bet the guy next door did this last weekend and the cops probably even saw him doing it and helped him escape!  ”

 We try to justify the fact that past history often predicts future events any way we can. If someone fake-challenges us with “well, it is obvious from their past criminal record they had troubled lives” , “it’s Black Rage, like that Colin Ferguson kook on the subway. They didn’t really know what they were doing. Oh, I didn’t mean they are slow, of course they are geniuses, we’re all the same- don’t get me wrong, they could have been rocket scientists and cured cancer If Only They Had a Dad (meme) but they were compromised, they were ‘at-risk’ …. um.. in the throes of blinding rage against The Man. It’s really The Man’s Fault. It’s always The Man’s Fault. ” 

Enter Evil White Serial Killers- they are the .01 %  of their own population, serial because they are able to get away with it and/or exercise enough self-control to appear relatively normal and/or orchestrate and plan their dirty deeds. For them , there is no way anyone would believe they were just out having fun with no Truly Evil Agenda, and then POOF, something overtook them! No one is going to try and explain away Inherent Tendencies to violence. No one is going to  try and  soften up what the serial killers do because their mom was an alkie, or their dad beat them or their uncle molested them. No one is ever going to make up programs to mentor or otherwise sanity-ize disturbed white youth from the Outer-City. One reason is because the serial killer is the exception, not the rule. People don’t clutch their purses or lock their car doors for no reason at all, they do it because they innately sense Danger. They know the odds of The Profile of the 35-40 something serial killer guy scenario is pretty damn unlikely, but everyone avoids Oakland, at least parts of it like the plague it is.   

When the killing phenomenon is not-so-rare -Oakland- we just look the other way “oh, that is just too bad”. We don’t do that with comparably and ever-more-rare Official Serial Killer. Nor does the “I can’t believe it myself. Mr. Smith was always a good neighbor- quiet, unassuming, kept to himself. It’s just so sad. He lost his job, his wife left him, he gambled away everything, but no one would have ever known. He always was pleasant, he always waved to us. It’s such a tragedy.” No, this particular media-induced repsonse will never work  with Cobbins,Davidson et al.- their crying or no crying on those sound files above-except perhaps one of their mothers. “He was always a good boy. I don’t understand. ”  It will never work because everyone knows they weren’t normal, decent people who snapped.  An example that makes my point is the fact that hardly anyone reports witnessing crimes in Those Places , because they know there will be retaliation, and it will be swift and fatal if possible. They are even terrified of each other. Turning in the bad guy merits no reward but certain death.

Like so many other ills not caused by the body, we medicalize mayhem as well. If we do that, it implies there IS a fix, treatment, or at the very least- a kind of reverse mental hospice. If we can’t legally put someone out of OUR misery, we can at least make OURSELVES more ‘comfortable’.  When we hear the double-think illogical We Are The World, We Can Save the World, We Can All Be Astronauts crap, we might  look at them as if they are doing a scene from a new version of Theatre of the Absurd.  We see the long criminal record as having disregard for playing by basic rules, but need to toss in some More-PC-Than-Thou crime/PC/racial softener sheets in order to deal with the actual end result.  We want to shake our heads, but not really look , though when we drive by an accident or there is a crash on CNN, we do look. People don’t want to look at Channon and Chris because they don’t want to believe some awful truths. We cannot look their happy, smiling, bright faced photos in the eye and continue to lie to ourselves.

If there is one thing White people are good at, it’s what is termed in recovery movement babble ‘Denial’ .  However, before the rehab facility co-opted  that term, it had another meaning- it had a  function, and that was what is now called a “coping mechanism’. It didn’t equate to a form of PC self-lying, it was a form of mental protection that our heads do on their own, it is a form of self-protection. Without it, how would people take any risks at all without completely freaking out?  Could people drive, or fly or even trust any food we eat ?  It is also a function of the mind which helps us deal with the shock and awe of grief , loss, and enables us to continue and carry on our lives, creates a kind of religio-quasi-stasis where we simply don’t allow what is buried to bubble forth, enabling us not to take matters into our own hands, or in despair -harming ourselves. The media creates tainted tomatoes, lettuce or peanut butter hysteria, but its agenda is not PC-compatible with Real Danger.

When you think of this case, think of those kids who deserved to live, who did not deserve in any way the horrors that happened to them in their last moments , hours or days. Think of the grief and loss of the families before you retreat into your own litanies of PC denial/excuses. Think of the Christian and Newsom families’ Reality.  We ARE responsible to protect ourselves, but not in the form of retreat and denial.  The Correctness Polizei wages war on us by making us feel guilty, when we are in fact  the victim. It makes us feel responsible, when our children are slaughtered by others. It gaslights our minds and robs us of justifiable and righteous anger, calling us ‘Haters’.  It creates a ‘call and response’ and we slobber like Pavlov’s dogs when we hear the gentle regretful, yet compassionate tones of the reporter telling of the latest horrors.

You don’t have to accept it. You don’t have to accept the name-calling. There are some things you don’t have to forgive, because it’s not your job. You don’t have to Unconditionally Love your child’s killers. We worry so, so much about things like styrofoam and whether or not we should spank our kids, but we revert to system presets about anything truly horrible and surreptiously check each other’s eyes when these atrocities are rarely even mentioned between people in real-life, so worried are we that we may offend, that we may catch some small sign of disapproval, that we may be rejected from The Game.

 Remember yet another one of those ‘don’t use your brain’  chick-TV cliches “Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right?”  suggesting that if you just let go of your own sense of justice or point of view , you’ll be less stressed out, hence happy. Well, that is another form of sweeping stuff under the rug. Go along to get along, it sucks but it sucks less than fighting , so don’t sweat the small stuff- in fact don’t sweat anything at all, we have it all scripted for you. Don’t worry, be happy, don’t be a shit-disturber and above all, don’t get mad or talk about it. Whee.  So, do  YOU want to be Nice, or Alive?

So .. what do we do in the meantime -besides moving away and/or arming ourselves, telling our children not to open the car window, that it is better to be thought ‘racist’ than dead, which is not-so-dissimilar to the self-protection classes for women in which they say it is better to be thought a bitch and yell “NO! I DON’T WANT YOUR HELP!”  then be attacked?

Back to what can we DO.   We can align ourselves with forces that refuse to Celebrate Adversity- that make us carry the burden, whether of omission or commision. Whatever way we can. Even if you must help behind-the-scenes, help those who have risked it all, help those you deem sincere , worthy and dedicated, who are able to do what you cannot-that counts and is appreciated. You can help in a service-oriented way, offering up a skill- you can help in a  practical way if you can, contributing towards operations.

 You can help by not participating in the low-end gossip-banter and realize how late in the day it is- meaning- not making things worse than they are. You can help by approaching our tasks in a serious, calm, grown-up way. You can educate yourself and others on the truth and even anonymously take that to the local level, actually talking to people you run into, especially youth and when you see these  little white kids  dressed like rap thugs, talk to them. You’ll be surrpised at the results when they actually think an adult gives a shit about them. When you see someone doing something right, tell them. Tell  them even if you don’t know them, perhaps especially then. Make an effort to mend fences, when that fence holds something worth protecting. Be the better man.

Cry me a river.~  Leonard Pitts, on the Christian/Newsom murders…..

Revisiting the Duke University Rape Farce

No one knows what it's like 
To be the bad man
To be the sad man,
Behind blue eyes
No one knows what it's like
To be hated
To be fated
To telling only lies
'Behind Blue Eyes' The Who, 1971

The  Who singing about how the White Man is always slated for the Bad Guy Role.

“if they didn’t do it, whatever they did is bad enough,” said Duke University president Richard Brodhead

an audio I made -not  all of this is on the audio, I added it to it  after I did the audio-

http://media.switchpod.com//users/silentconsort/20081004143854.mp3 or


Stuart Taylor is dead on in his analysis/assessment/dissection/indictment of the Duke Rape Farce.    He chronicles the case in depth, going into important details and inconsistencies regarding the accuser’s statements and the DNA results . In this audio we learn a lot of things that were not  widely covered in the media or covered at all regarding  Mike Nifong and what his agenda may have been in pursuing the case even after the DNA results excluded the students in question. Nifong wanting to stay in his position so as to get his pension, which was three years away- Nifong wanting to win the black democratic vote by still defending the false accuser  even after the boys were proven innocent.Nifong hiding the DNA results from the defense for months, while the media machine churned on about Evil White Men and their supposed historical and endless abuse of black women.

Taylor addresses many other aspects of the case, including accusations of ‘racism’ and is very familiar with the many characters involved in this story and their roles/ He knows who skated off to what school, and who is unrepentant. There is a question and answer at the end, one question asked was “why didn’t anyone go after the accuser?” Attorney general Roy Cooper stated that she was mentally ill, and pursuing a case against her would inflame racial tensions. Taylor says that Duke itself was afraid there might have been riots, and there might have been walkouts by hospital staff which could have shut down the school, and rips the local paper for hugely dishonest reporting and says that Jesse Jackson stated that he would pay the dancer’s  way through college whether or not she was lying.

The ‘Race has Nothing to Do with it’ Card. Well sometimes it does, sometimes not so much… it depends on whatever memes the media are fostering that week-

I’m beginning to think this ‘race did/didn’t matter’  nonsense is like minutes on a cell phone. When you don’t use them one month, if you have a good plan, you can roll them over to the next month when they may or may not be needed, depending on how media wants to spin the story.   You see how sometimes they say ‘race has nothing to do with it’ – as in the  Channon Christian/Chris Newsom murders, in which both of them were also sexually assaulted and tortured, and sometimes the media says race has everything to do with it. Even when the ubiquitous It, didn’t even happen.  In one case three young, bright lives were almost ruined by a false accusation. In the other 2 young bright lives were snuffed out after being tortured and raped, and there was no ‘made-up’ about any of it. Yet we are supposed to believe race had ‘nothing to do with it’, or that ‘wrong place, wrong time’, or ‘they could have picked anyone’. Yeah, Right.  I notice the news was quite lively over the alleged assault of this dancer/escort/whatever when it involved young White men as suspects.The accuser has walked away and from doing news searches on her, is apparently writing a book while the three boys are probably struggling to rebuild their lives, reputations, and relationship with their parents and friends- not to mention financial and continuing legal stress.

Taylor recalls the Tawana Brawley case, and the way the media  pushes cases like this for its own reasons, that of pushing the false meme that ‘white men are constantly through the ages exploiting and abusing black women’. A meme that Taylor doesn’t mention is the one that is supposed to be universally accepted, which is All White Men are Evil. Rich White Men are Especially Evil.  Evil White Racists. Evil White Rapists. Just Evil ,White, Period.

Rich White Boy College Killer Meme-

Of course there was the Martha Moxley, Mary Jo Kopechne cases that were real. Did those start the Privileged Evil White Killer meme?  As opposed to the Hollywood White Truckstop Serial Killer?  Then there was  the Robert Chambers case  (1986)  dubbed the ‘Preppie Murderer’, which only added to the Evil White Boy Killers are Lurking Everywhere, they could be Anyone.   The failure to make distinctions leads people to false assumptions and beliefs. How many of these type murders happen compared to the almost daily killings in Oakland and San Francisco?  We accept these daily murders as ‘normal’ because they are NOT Whites committing them. What does that say? The meme of the Rich College White Boy is not even worth a meme, let alone a false one. The Duke boys were not even part of the very rare club of the rare Privileged Killer/Rapist/etc. They DIDN’T do it, yet their lives are forever changed, tainted with the stain of the accusation itself.  It could have been prevented from becoming the nightmare it did had Nifong come forward with the DNA evidence that exonerated them.  Stuart also has a few things to say about Nancy Grace , Joe Scarborough, Wendy Murphy and other media people acting as the prosecution and their habit of stating falsities regardless of evidence.

Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case http://www.cato.org/event.php?eventid=4024

Featuring the coauthor Stuart Taylor Jr. Senior Writer, National Journal, with comments by Victoria Toensing, Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division, Justice Department.

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The Dark Truth about Race and Rape-

it appears some Reality Denying TWIT  has ratted out the you tube video I placed here to add to my point about the  ‘dark  truth’ , I hope they rename  the file some alpha-numeric  harder-to-take-down-name and repost it- making sure to  not use relevant tags, only those of pop stars, so as many people can see it as possible. The videos are everywhere, easy to find on google. Or even German AOL . They almopst always only put any White suspect’s picture in the google news section if you search for certain words- but..all the other stories with no pictures- look at the names- figure it out. Sometimes yu have to use words like ‘alleged’  or ‘accused’ in conjunction with the search term. It’s the truth, what the videos say, what flawlesslogic site says. I’m not that great at math, but I can do simple addition and sort things into groups. So can most people, hence google avoiding the use of pictures on its news links next to the story. When I see that stuff, when I read stories about robberies and description of suspects is not mentioned at all, other than say “there were three men, they were wearing  jogging suits” , but no description of the men themselves- what do you think we default to in our heads anyway? You think we ACTUALLY are thinking it was a band of escaped stowaway Irish rogues?  Do media  jerkoffs really believe we will be steered into thinking that?  I know, I know. It’s just Not Nice to be Reminded of The Facts. Facts Sometimes Really , Really Suck. Especially when they Keep Happening.

And that men like http://www.selbytimes.co.uk/selby-news/Race-hate-case-pair-appeal.4499916.jp should be rotting away in some POS Santa Ana jail, wasting taxpayer money for  wrting articles just as I am doing right now when THESE impulse-driven, frontal-lobe lacking Othellos are out running loose? This is the REALITY, THIS is why you MUST  tell your daughters about the danger and not let them be naive. YES, SCARE THEM. So many middle/upper middling White liberal types think that to scare their kids is the Worst Thing Ever. They shouldn’t know about Bad Evil Things.

Oh, but they SHOULD. It will give them a MUCH better chance of staying ALIVE and UNVIOLATED . That’s why the OLD  versions of fairy tales were so useful. They didn’t ONLY teach lessons about what was important and not to do bad, but that there actually are Bad Things out there. The over-sheltered concept mixed with the everyone is great and = concept is not only stupid and false, but dangerous!






in case some officious little fruitcake  takes it down again here is another link and an example of even a foreign search where you can easily find the same stuff and more.



It appears White college boys are NOT raping black women, and black women are not raping White college boys, at least not physically. If anything,  SHE  ‘raped’  THEM. What this accuser did to these boys and their families – a false accusation that leads to extensive destructive media coverage does lead to a huge sense of violation- in this case x 3 +family + friends and uncountable exponential other damages.    If this is offensive to you, then  you are offended by Reality.  I’m offended too, at the fact that it is reality. The real , and probably not surprising stats, below:

Studies from the late 1950s showed that the vast majority of rapes were same-race offenses. Research in Philadelphia carried out in 1958 and 1960 indicated that of all rapes, only 3.2 percent were black-on-white assaults and 3.6 percent were white-on-black. Since that time, the proportion of black-on-white rapes has soared. In a 1974 study in Denver, 40 percent of all rapes were of whites by blacks, and not one case of white-on-black rape was found. In general, through the 1970s, black-on-white rape was at least ten times more common that white-on-black rape. …in 1988 there were 9,406 cases of black-on-white rape and fewer than ten cases of white-on-black rape. [320] Another researcher concludes that in 1989, blacks were three or four times more likely to commit rape than whites, and that black men raped white women thirty times as often as white men raped black women. [321]



Don’t cry to me with your name-calling hysteria “RACIST!”  as if  I made all this up, as if I created these stats to prove my point. Reality proves my point. BE angry that it does happen. You think Dr. Farrakhan or other black nationalists want this to continue? I bet they don’t. Neither black or white ‘extremists’ as any racial loyalist is called, wants their men to rape or their women to be raped. Answer? Stay away from each other. Don’t go to the others area. Travel in groups , don’t go out by yourself late at night unaccompanied by a capable male. Don’t go to bars and get wasted. Lock your doors and windows. Don’t feel you have to be nice or friendly to everyone because if you don’t it might make you look like a bitch. Don’t allow your daughters to attend parties where there is drinking, no chaperones, at places where you don’t know the parents or there are no parents.

Tell your children they can always call you to come get them if they ever are feeling uncomfortable or afraid  or if shady characters show up unannounced-tell them they can say no, they should not ‘go along to get along ‘ and risk their lives, or at best end up beat up, diseased, possibly pregnant by rape, or disfigured-at worst dead. Protecting them and  teaching them about how the media lies about how everyone is the same and at one big barney picnic, that is all BS-  that is as important as the drunk-driving save-a-life campaigns you hear so much about. Look at it this way, when you go to shop for your family,you look for the freshest milk, you look for the chicken or meat packages that look healthy and not old. Maybe the older packages are a dollar off , maybe they are  a little off-color but you probably won’t get sick from it- but if you had to choose, you’d choose the fresher one and pay extra right?

You insure your car, and lock it when you get out, as you do your house or apartment. You worry about virus attacks on your computer or phishing scams to steal your credit card #’s. Maybe it isn’t likely it will happen to you, but you protect against it and take safeguards anyway, right? Do the same for your children.It isn’t about ‘hate’, it is about protecting and looking out for those you love. Do I ‘hate’ milk past its sell date? No, but I would rather avoid it. I’d rather go hungry than eat potato salad at a picnic that’s been sitting out because food poisoning is no fun, even if everyone else is wolfing it down and having a grand old time.  The same rule applies to dangerous associations. Sure that particular gallon of milk is probably OK, or that particular potato salad MIGHT have only been sitting out 10 minutes, but when it comes to bigger risks than getting sick,we tend to ignore the real risks and danger associated with such. Risks than could get you raped, robbed, killed.

No one gets called names for not visiting hacker sites or using spyware protection, no one in their right mind says things like  you need to experience all the computer code that is out there, put your credit card out there on your bumper sticker of your car- what, do you not trust people? You just think the worst of people don’t you? You’re just a hater.  Would people actually call you names for not taking risks you are fairly sure are going  to harm you?  Well  that is what they actually are doing. Your car insurance, your anti virus, your antibacterial soap- getting you to worry and thus make money off your worries, all the while trying to get you to look the other way , give you a false sense of security, impart to you a sense that there is nobility in sacrificing your children, in being so high and mighty you will throw them in front of an oncoming train, or into shark-infested waters because you are better than those people who would judge a train by its powerful engine and inability to stop on a dime, or deprive the shark of the benefits of being around your daughter or son because hey, most sharks are socio-economically disadvantaged, and there simply aren’t enough Shark EmpathyStart programs to train little baby sharks not to follow the scent of blood to its source. They just need more money to help those trains and sharks from killing.

You don’t HAVE to believe that suffering and being terminally uncomfortable and threatened is good for you , and worse yet, that you SHOULD  do it because it makes you a better person.  don’t need to experience everyone else’s DNA code or cultural code. Linux users are not hounded to death to attend Microsoft Tolerance training, are they? If we are allowed to have preferences with machines, with code, with music, with art (or are we?)- why cannot we have preferences in all areas of our lives-for sticking with what we know we like, and what works, and staying away from things we are fairly certain will at worst kill us, and at best irritate us and make life consistently less productive, inspiring, and take away from our ability to exist in the circumstances that we function best in?

I’m sure those Duke boys learned some very important lessons, one of which I hope is to be very particular about anyone they choose to invite into their sphere, no matter how peripheral or temporary they may seem. They have suffered loss of reputation, vilification and shame, all undeserved- not to mention the incredible stress, probably a hostile environment at school, loss of time they could have been pursuing their studies but were consumed with this case- and their poor parents- as a mother of sons I can only imagine the hell they went through- emotionally, physically, financially-I am sure this has drained them and taken away from their lives tremendously. I wish all of them well.

http://www.sfgate.com/maps/sfhomicides/ 82 this year thus far

http://www.sfgate.com/maps/oaklandhomicides/ 105 this year so far

PDF Files – civil case against Duke U, parental and otherwise

  1. ^ Complaint, Part 1
  2. ^ Complaint, Part 2
  3. ^ Complaint, Part 3
  4. ^ Complaint, Part 4
  5. ^ Complaint, Part 5
  6. ^ Complaint, Part 6

Other sources:

http://www.renewamerica.us/columns/roberts/070418 a neo-connish/patriotardic  site, but has good info on the case

http://www.newsobserver.com/1202/story/562936.html has  47 pictures from the case  including flyers and posters that were put up even after Nifong knew the truth. Shows the obligatory expected women protesters who believed the story.


Ok now for some weirdness I found digging around months ago. Can’t be sure if it is the same person, what with the fake hair and contacts.

Now some of you might recognize  a pic on this page, but  you may remember it as not being connected to  this accuser stripper chick but pic used by an anonymous forum poster  who was also black .  A google search for Crystal gail mangum  yields this pic (have to turnoff the google search nanny filter to get it) . http://whatmenthinkofwomen.blogspot.com/2007/07/nappy-headed-feminist-in-denial-over.html

same picture http://www.cupidsaddiction.com/charlotte/escort-directory.html

Anyone put this together yet? Hint: Screen name began with ‘crypto’ , if that doesnt jog your memory, maybe this will:


wayback machine as the current site is offline or down http://web.archive.org/web/20070104100638/http://www.pleasureryde.com/

http://www.vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=42815&page=2 discussion of Duke case .  A woman in this thread had posted pictures that linked to her escort site in NC- Is she one and the same as this  Duke party hooker?  Did the blog poster use mangum’s picture or vice versa?  I dont know, but I do know I remember seeing that picture  posted on the board , a pic that is now red X’d out on an old thread-and in researching stuff related to the Duke case searching the accuser’s name discovering that same photo and though I wouldn’t say I have bona fide photographic memory, my memory for photos is pretty good. That same picture in the google image search for Mangum is the same picture on the forum poster’s site, which is now offline.

Free Audiobooks, Podcasts, Stories

I will probably put more of these kind of links up in the future , but this should keep you busy should you want something else besides music on walks, drives, etc.  You probably know this, but one does not  need an IPOD or other MP3 player to simply listen. If you wish to download and just listen on your computer, use your mouse and hover it over the links- if the page does not have a clear download link, usually there is something that says ‘listen’ or  similar- hover your mouse over these and look at the bottom of your browser screen as you do- when you find the one that ends in .mp3, you have found it- just use your right hand mouse clicker and highlight ‘save as’ or ‘save target as’ and save it to a place on your computer you will remember (you can make a folder on your desktop or wherever). Most of you know this already, but for those who don’t. Usually Itunes or Windows media player will play it. Once in a while the file might  be in another format like .wma or .ogg, but one of your players should be able to recognize it . Enjoy.

 these came from http://www.theshallowgenepool.com/

     The Hatred of Ron PaulThe seeming conditioned hatred of Ron Paul by Republicans and Democrats.

    Free Speech For Only The Proper Type Of Speech – Speech code censorship, the Fairness Doctrine and its effect on the internet and podcasting.

    So This Is KwanzaaDetails surrounding the creator of Kwanzaa and its violent roots. 

    Applying Affirmative Action to History  Misrepresenting the accomplishments of black inventors and scientists at the risk of tarnishing the reputation of all black inventors and scientists.

    Free Speech and Civility Part 2 – Political speech, civil debate and hatred.

    The Police StateJust a few common sense questions regarding the violations of freedom by police that we accept and a few sites that track police abusing their authority and civilians. 

Oy Vey: The Money changers pod cast  http://www.econtalk.org/archives.html


I found this months ago whilst combing the web for my writing on the FLDS situation. In one of these, can’t remember if it is in part 1, 2, or 3, this brutha tells the host how he would like to see Gladys Knight sing one of the Mormon songs, how he could like to see more expressiveness (you know, like in that movie ‘The Color Purple’ with all that clapping and singing stuff) instead of the reserved, respectful usual manner (read White) traditional LDS church deportment. This one is worth it for the hosts ‘tolerance’ and very Whitely and Delightfully humoring his guest.  http://mormonstories.org/?p=81


http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/briarwren/346455/ references many other sites for free audio books, podcasts,  HS resources

http://www.productivity501.com/free-academic-podcasts/78/ This one has everything from science to computing, to aviation, English lit.

http://www.audiobooksforfree.com/screen_main.asp just like the link says

http://www.simplyaudiobooks.com/Free_Audiobooks/dp/202/ more free goodies. Twain, Art of War,more.

http://www.oculture.com/2006/10/audio_book_podc.html  fiction, other categories

http://www.ejunto.com/ History and philosophy

http://skeptoid.com/episode_guide.php takes on scam stuff, get rich quick schemes, aliens,

Story of Siegfried- http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/title/s/ssieg.html also click top banner for more, there are loads of kid’s stories here and the site is good about even mentioning what is the theme of the story (they don’t use the phrase ‘moral of the story’ , but you get the idea).

http://www.archive.org/details/comic_history_collab_librivox Archive.org and Librivox both have a huge collection- http://www.archive.org/details/librivoxaudio


http://www.logicallycritical.net/Episodes.html You won’t agree with him on everything- but isn’t that how it is for us almost everywhere?  Like his take on home school/diversity/illegals (and at times it almost appears like he is playing Devil’s Advocate- hard to tell-) , but many of us can relate to the utter lameness/incompetency  we consistently encounter every day.  A fun one was the rant on the inefficiencies/redundancy/un-user-friendliness of computers in ‘Silicon Slaves’.  Aside from content, it can also give people who are also into radio/podcasting an example of how he integrates sound effects/produces his podcasts. Sometimes he tends to get a bit carried away with the sound effects and his own cleverness, but at least you the guy is not slow, drunk, or talking about his pet Sharpei.

Introduction to what the hell this is about and then onto the episode where the 10 commandments duke it out with the 10 Amendments to determine if the US was founded as a Christian nation. And who is afraid of albino beavers?
Of course, the obvious solution to illegal immigration is to just send them back; but will that really work? Does that actually stop anyone? Does that actually save us money?
Stealing music. Is it all right to? Those old men who run Virgin records are rich beyond most people’s dreams. Surely, I should be allowed to stick it to them a little.
There’s plenty to fear in life from allergic reactions caused by bed-bug feces to backyard Ebola. Thankfully someone is trying to hide all this fear from you.
(This fixes a technical glitch from the first release) Sure homosexuals are an abomination in God’s eyes, but are his the eyes we should worried about? Are there other, secular, issues that concern this controversial topic?
Warning! This is a highly offensive religious topic. Don’t bother if you’re a fan of Jesus and all that he’s done for you.
Fairy tales exposed!
Episode 9: Pascal’s Wager Listener Favorite
Not the hydrodynamics formulas or the crappy programming language, but the gamble for your eternal soul!
Almost everyone is a specialist in their field today. Could this specialization come back to haunt us in the event of a world-wide disaster?
Home schooling vs. public schooling. Wasn’t it Al Bundy that said, “I know the score! I played home school football!”?
In the concept of the [censored]-centric universe, ask yourself how many people around you actually know
what the hell they’re doing?
Are we still scared by these ancient creatures?
It’s easy, and fun, to say someone is stupid when they don’t agree with your religious views, but is it really that simple?
Are your thoughts really your own? Are you sure?
This is an experimental episode. It’s a more-serious attempt at directly discussing steps to critically examine information. Call it Critically Thinking 101. Let me know is this is vaguely helpful.
A talking donkey, peeping tom, anal afflictions. The bible has it all. This purely-informational episode may enlighten you to some rarely-heard stories of the King James Bible. It’s just for fun. Enjoy!
How sure are you that the historical evidence you’ve believed in for so long is accurate?
Ad hominem, Straw man, False Correlation, Hasty Generalization. How not to make an argument.
Now the aliens know where we live.
If the “Law of Attraction” behind “The Secret” is true, how much hope is there for mankind?
A practical look at why SOME people just can’t get behind the idea that an all-powerful entity created us and is deciding everyone’s fate. And yes, I use atheist and non-believer interchangeably.
An unusually-lengthy meandering about computer issues that the average user should be completely intolerant.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m not particularly religious, nor am I Irish (though I look all right in dark green) , nor do I drink and fight ( Hey, let’s face facts, the Irish are not known to be a mellow, laid-back types, are they!? For example, to do a search on lime wire re Irish for songs , almost all are about these things! See band “Flogging Molly” ). So this may or may not be true, we don’t want to “stereotype” but I generally have gotten on fairly well with them, and one thing can be said : these folks know how to have fun and kick ass- so a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

“Women of Ireland” (also known as Mna na hEireann ) I sent this tune to  friends last year,  one of whom has a radio show that features Celtic music -It’s been covered by many people, (some as unlikely as Mike Oldfield and Bob James but also by Alan Stivell and Kate Bush, among others) and is one of my favorites- beautiful, haunting and evocative-  this version sung by Sinead O”Conner-


 St. Patrick's Day


Much of Patrick’s life is shrouded in mystery and historians differ on the probable chronology of the saint’s life. Fortunately, he has left behind two documents, his Confession and his Letter to Coroticus, which describe some of his experiences. He was not the first Christian missionary to reach Ireland, but the principal credit for converting the pagan island and establishing the Celtic church belongs to him.

He was the son of a Roman official, Calpurnius, living probably in Wales. As a boy of sixteen, Patrick was captured by raiders and sold to an Irish chieftain, Milchu. He spent years in slavery, herding sheep on Slemish Mountain in Co. Antrim. He escaped following a dream in which a voice told him a ship would be waiting to take him to his own country. After a journey of 200 miles he found the ship, and was eventually able to return to his family.

One night, in a dream, he heard voices calling him back to Ireland. It is thought that he studied under Saint Germanus at Auxerre, France, and that his mission to Ireland was approved due to the early death of Saint Palladius, who had been sent as a bishop to the Irish “believing in Christ” in 431. Consequently, 432 is the traditional date for Patrick’s voyage to Ireland, which ended on the shores of Strangford Lough. He quickly made a convert of a local chief named Dichu, who gave him a barn at Saul, Co. Down, for his first church.

Before long Patrick made his way to the Hill of Tara, Co. Meath, seat of the high king of Ireland. Arriving on the eve of Easter, he lit a paschal fire on the nearby Hill of Slane. At this time of year, it was pagan practice to put out all fires before a new one was lit at Tara. When the druids at Tara saw the light from Slane, they warned King Laoghaire that he must extinguish it or it would burn forever. Patrick was summoned to Tara, and on the way he and his followers chanted the hymn known as “The Lorica” or “Saint Patrick’s Breastplate”.

Although Laoghaire remained a pagan, he was so impressed by the saint that he gave him permission to make converts throughout his realm. Muirchu’s Life of Patrick, written two centuries later, describes a contest of magic in which Laoghaire’s druids had to concede victory to the saint. Patrick travelled widely in Ireland, making converts and establishing new churches, though he eventually made his headquarters at Armagh.

On one occasion he spent the forty days of Lent on a mountain in Co. Mayo which is now called Croagh Patrick. He was harassed by demons in the form of blackbirds, clustered so densely that the sky was black, but he continued to pray, and rang his bell to disperse the assailants. An angel then appeared to tell the saint that all his petitions for the Irish people would be granted, and that they would retain their Christian faith until Judgement Day. There are many legends about Patrick, not least that he banished snakes from Ireland and that he adopted the shamrock as a symbol of the Holy Trinity.

Patrick’s writings belong to the latter part of his life and confirm that he was less learned as a writer than he was persuasive as a speaker. Nonetheless, the Confession, a response to criticisms of his mission in Ireland, is a moving revelation of his vocation and of the divine guidance he received in dreams. Irish annals give the date of Patrick’s death as 493, but an earlier date of 461 seems more likely. Tradition says he died at Saul and was buried at nearby Downpatrick.

~Beware The Ides of March. In memory of Julius Caesar~

Bust of Caesar

Marc Antony’s Funeral orationhttp://www.fordham.edu/HALSALL/ANCIENT/plutarch-caesar.html

Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue, shriller than all the music,
Cry ‘Caesar!’ Speak; Caesar is turn’d to hear.

Beware the ides of March.

What man is that?

A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

Set him before me; let me see his face.

Fellow, come from the throng; look upon Caesar.

What say’st thou to me now? speak once again.

Beware the ides of March.

He is a dreamer; let us leave him: pass.


July 13, 100 BCMarch 15, 44 BC

http://thehistoryofrome.blogspot.com/ for this site, if you use a podcast aggregator (the RSS feed I think it is) the address to use with your podcast software (Like Itunes or Ziepod) is http://feeds.feedburner.com/thehistoryofrome



caesar deathspqrCaesar CleopatraCasar/Cleo

    From the HBO series “Rome”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41BjWZ-NSzs Caesar’s Death Scene~

    Scene from a play Nick Baldasare as Marc Antony, belowhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8In6OXgtRE&feature=related~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rest in Peace, Caesar.

Audio: Bonfire of the Insanities, Part II and more

Two audio files I recorded a couple weeks back- The first one is prob an hour, includes sound clips from other sources, hope you get something from it. The second one is shorter. How this download site works : you scroll down the page, put the number in the box, hit the submit button, a green bar pops up says wait 5 seconds, then it changes to a download button- not too bad. Also recommend this site for uploading big files, it is damn fast on the upload.