Your Own Personal Diversity Jaysus

Note the line of ‘logic’ these women seem to follow when they decide to do this stuff. The first one, on the audio mentions getting drunk, a friend’s dare, breaking up with her boyfriend, job sucked… in this other case not dumping a guy, or getting drunk and making a bet with a friend but her job sucking + immigration debate + being brainwashed into thinking she had to become another one of Gawd’s Diversity Nuns- or should it be ‘None’ as in, none of my own children, because that would be selfish and I have to save/adopt the third world becaue I have given over mah laaafff to Diversity Jaysus.

Afflicted with I-have-to-be-a-hero-I-have-to-right-all-wrongs-
empathy-for-any-suffering, I-am-so-Noble-and-Good-let-me-prove-it-even-if
-my-life/job-is-so-empty-I-become-a-mother/savior-to-the-world extremist.

It seems like a type of ‘OCD that will never make it into the DSM’. Maybe this one woman will be luckier than the peace corp women,most who were raped, beaten, some raped and killed- whom I blogged about recently.

White woman investigates human right’s abuses : ” I never travel with armed guards” to the Congo? Really? Host says ” it’s dangerous but she feels she has to do it.” and “it was love at first sight (Congo)”. What?!! She used to be an investment banker but I guess felt that was empty and sucked. Her friend dared her while they were both drunk to apply for this Congo ‘save the world’ job. ” Then I had a huge fight with my boyfriend… I said, honey I’ve had it, I’m going to the Congo.” How crazy do you have to be to do that?

What person says “Eff it, eff this job, eff you dude, I’m going to the Congo.” And the ‘friend’? Well, friends don’t let friends go to the Congo. Or South Central Los Angeles- or the shitty part of Oakland. You don’t get your ‘friend’ drunk and then dare them to go to the Congo, and then because your friend dared you to-actually DO it. WTF , she was an investment banker, supposed to have a brain, can even do math- so… are they just effin crazy or what? How could your life ever suck that much that you would want to go there?

“I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar (or an investment banker)..that much is true..but even then I knew I’d find a much better place, either with or without you..” Human League, 1982

This never would have happened had she had kids way before this, way before investment banking- she’d have plenty of people to look out for, manage, teach- and be important to. Sheesh even gardening or raising animals is better than this. Listen and weep.

“I have two daughters now and I would never ever let them join the Peace Corps,” said Adrianna Ault Nolan of New York, who was raped while serving in Haiti.

Lift up the receiver
I’ll make you a believer- I will deliver
You know I’m a forgiver
Reach out and touch faith Depeche Mode, 1989

Next- woman returns to peace corp..Not going to the Rapin and Killin’ places, but China.. “I’d always wanted to travel,” said Cheshier…. “I wanted to go to other places and be around other cultures and other languages and be in a job where it was more fulfilling. ...I was very much into diversity and I thought it (immigration debate)was targeting a certain group of people.” Cheshier decided that she needed to be out helping different cultures and being in a diverse group of people. “It was like going back in time, about 50 to 70 years, and seeing things before pollution and technology had come in. It was wonderful,” she said.

La di da, tra la la…..unicorns, my little pony, fantasy island..cotton candy, camping on the patio, jiffy pop…..merry-go-round-horses, play make-up..wheeeeeeeeee!

What about this Diversity Nuns? Does THIS count? Does their suffering count?

“oh well that doesn’t count, that’s unfortunate but it’s not genocidal, blah blah,a nd it’s white people and they never count, because I learned in school, blah blah… and I can parrot back exactly what I learned cause I’m a good little girl and so and so scholar/diversity specialist/some BS ,artificially-elevated affirmatively-actionated-n-shyt-scammed-in-writer says we’re not oppressed, and they are well-respected so if they are famous and on TV and talk shows then it must be true, that it doesn’t count when bad things happen to us and you, haters really should read Some Scholarly BS on How White People are All Oppressive, Evil Aholes and if Bad Shit Happens to Them, well Eff Them (and if you don’t feel guilty by the end of this book/lecture/forced seminar and write about it the way we taught you, you FAIL).

Oh, and all voices MUST be heard, umm well, must be heard within the neat little boundaries of sitting on a little mat during circle-time,clapping and singing when and how WE tell you to-and if you aren’t sitting on your little mat and clapping and singing the way we taught you to, there’s going to be a conference about medication..because no one calls us boring and stupid,that’s just disrespectful, mean and not being a good global citizen. You’re just WRONG.And Mean and Bad.” EFF YOU, SYSTEM. YOU FUCKED ME, now it’s MY TURN, and I’m going to punk you out.

Look Ma, attorney slimeballs on board! (give us your cash bitch thing continued)


Above link- lawyers are now in full wannabe badass mode, take your video down or…. hmm, wait, what about that free speech thing? I suppose if they had some dude who looked like he was hawking ibuprofen with the hair sprayed comb-over talking in that ‘I’m not a Dr, but I play one on TV’ voice, that would have been ok. Most serious middle-aged white dude voice “Do you want money that your kids could use for college spent on this?”

Even though money actually did go to gang dudes, past or present, incarcerated or not, of whatever freaking color/background/ethnicity.. and Hahn was the person who was behind that program… the video is not a lie- they are just kvetching about the presentation- who says political ads have to always feature the fake doctor types? Who says politics isn’t offensive in and of itself? When was it not nasty, catty, brutal and even disgusting? Really?

Or is it a threat because it tells it like it really is, and is attention-grabbing and easily understood even to ADD texting-obsessed millenials- an age group that usually either completely doesn’t give a shit about politics or will turn into tree-sitting trustafarians at the drop of a hackey-sack- meaning they are ‘for’ whoever is perceived as picked on, or they at least want to be perceived as being for the underdog- as long as the underdogs aren’t off-leash in their gated hoods- and maybe even that group might see it and start thinking- if only out of self-interest- hey, that money that is taken from my mom and pop out of their taxes for this BS, that could have been my new IPAD/VW/Ugg boots and instead it is going to Julio the drug-lord!

No, you don’t get to implement idiotic policies like paying gang members to be ‘gang intervention specialists’ and not get an Idiocracy-like backlash. They totally deserve it and let’s hope there are even more in-your-face type ads that counter-protest that very same idiocy.

The attorney letter is the thing that is insulting, assuming that everyone who sees the video will be offended- the whole ‘this harms womyn, this harms the black folk, this gives you cavities, yeast infections, and might even make you learn Linux…’ making the assumption that people who see it are just too dumb to get the point- or at least trying to trade on the Always Offended crowd. Surprised Gloria Allred herself hasn’t laptop-jacked Ehlinger, but maybe she’s busy trying to get Hahn to give some of that green for Whitman’s illegal alien ex-maid.

Acting as if a political attack video is any worse than what’s on television on any reality show, and as though politics is about niceness and non-offensiveness- that’s just beyond disingenuous (wanker-gate text-pic anyone?), and just shows how threatened these doofuses are. Maybe they are afraid there will be still more modern-day portrayals of the scam of endless do-nothing and demographic-coddling programs,which = their made-up jobs, because no doubt there is an entire cadre of ‘gang interventionist’ managers/admins/directors/promoters,and similar lame ideas- and they certainly don’t want their cash taken away.

These d-bags can apologize to the tax-payers for wasting our money, and these lawyers can apologize for insulting our intelligence and by proxy, defending wasting our money. They have the right to have their panties in a bunch, sure- but Ehlinger also has the right to twist them up that way- it’s called free speech. So back the fuck off, censorious shitheads, this isn’t a library.

a place where you won't find many gang intervention specialists

So yeah, I guess they can ‘suck it’…

 (response  to attorney letter)

World Gone Wrong: When People Paid to Rescue Watch you Die

This happened in Alameda county (bay area). Suicidal white guy in his 50’s is out there, the water is shallow, the elderly mother calls for help, all the ‘first responder’ people show up, but like the guy said in the second video, they couldn’t save him because they didn’t have certification for land/water rescue or some BS. So, they watched the guy (Raymond Zack) for about an hour until the cold water got him and he probably passed out and drowned. I guess even after that they wouldn’t even get him, because a young woman who is a nurse swam out there and dragged him back.  I guess we really can’t rely on The Man, now can we?

Some are saying it is some covert type of protest because of budget cuts – I can’t imagine things being that evil- but is it somehow meant to scare people that if they don’t get their money, they won’t save you? They make decent money and pensions as is. Not saying (before today anyway) they don’t deserve it, but if they think this is the way to ask for more …of course they will come up will all this stuff about changing policy, but gee, that doesn’t help Mr. Zack much. Was there a racial component? Would there be more of a hue and cry if Zack were black and not a middle-aged white guy? I’m not sure, but we do know they didn’t try to save him,  they watched as he drowned, and they didn’t even retrieve his body.

and here’s some bullshit apologetic- passing the buck, Buck? and it’s ‘loses their life’,  not  ‘looses’.

It’s freaking shallow out there, like 6′ and it isn’t rough seas, it’s a placid part of the bay. Some young woman went out there and dragged his body back in and not one of them could say ‘eff this, I’m not going to stand here and watch him die.’ WTF?

“The political process made a decision that the cost was to much for the risk that the Firefighters would actually need to be trained to make this rescue. Management made a decision that the risk was to great to allow a Firefighter to get into the water because they knew their personnel were not trained. That is why the policy was written…..”  (oh you are soo full of shyt)

Suspect arrested in Bryan Stow beating case

Bryan Stow, EMT and Giant's fan in better days.The question no one is asking: Was he really beaten for being a Giant's fan or because he is White?


 A tip from a parole agent led Los Angeles police to the man suspected of being one of the two assailants in the brutal beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium, police sources said.

At about 7 a.m. Sunday, a Los Angeles police SWAT team descended on an East Hollywood apartment building with a warrant in hand. Using loudspeakers and with guns drawn, officers called out to the occupants of Apt. 25, said the building’s manager Maritza Camacho.

BillboardInside, along with several other people, was one of the men police suspect in the March 31 beating that left Stow with brain damage. One by one, the occupants emerged, Camacho said. The man taken into custody had a bald head and tattoos on his neck and arms, she said, a description that appeared to match the vague sketches released by police of one of the two suspects. She added that he did not appear to resist being taken into custody.

Several police sources, who requested their names not be used because the investigation was ongoing, confirmed that the man taken into custody was one of the two suspects in the beating. Police officials declined to give details, including the name of the suspect.

Hopefully there will be more on this, and perhaps the one s*&thead will roll on the other.

The Not-so-Peaceful Peace Corp: More Women Come Forward

Anyone remember Kate Puzey- the young peace corp volunteer who was raped and killed a few years ago? She’s mentioned in a past post on this blog.  Turns out her rape and death wasn’t the ‘isolated incident’ these do-gooder groups want you to think it was. Women are coming forward.  People, don’t send your daughters to a third world undeveloped country to try to ‘help’.  Now her parents think she was set up to be raped and killed because she revealed that another worker for the peace corp, Constant Bio, pictured below was raping/molesting students- and had fathered children by some of the students.

Constant Bio, at the time a contractor for the Peace Corps, is the primary suspect in the case. He has been held in a prison in Natatingou, Benin for more than a year and a half. A magistrate judge continues to investigate the case.   Now more women are coming forward.


In 1991, while serving in Niger, Peace Corps volunteer Karestan Koenen was raped in broad daylight. Devastated, she reported the rape to Peace Corps officials in Washington, D.C. The responding official brusquely blamed Koenen for the crime, saying, “I am so sick of you girls going out with men, drinking and dancing, and then when something happens, you call it rape.”

Read more:

“”I trusted the Peace Corps, I believed in the Peace Corps. And then [Peace Corps officials] did everything they could to blame me, to not provide adequate care, and even to provide care that was subsequently harmful to me,” she told ABC News in a recent interview.
 Don’t trust these groups girls- just because someone says they are good, or says they want good things to happen, or that you too , can be part of this ‘goodness’-remember, as awful as this is going to sound. Niceness isn’t always Real, like the Velveteen Rabbit. Niceness can be just a skill, something one becomes good at- and groups like this are very good at it. But oh, look what they DO when something Very Bad and Wrong happens, look what they said to that one woman- they blamed her. The very same way they are blaming the people in Greece for fighting back against the murderous violence there- a result of more and more immmmiiigraaaaaation. Blame the victim. 
But good for you, girls, women- for speaking out- it’s too late for Kate, but I’m glad you are still alive. You want to do some real good? Good that isn’t about the imaginary tale of poor children practically worshipping you like you are some Good Fairy while you are unwittingly and literally putting your life at risk?  Then save others from this horrific fate by telling what happened to you, and telling how you were treated. You know you are not the same since this happened to you, but you can save some other woman from the same fate, because maybe they will hear your story- maybe they will hear that it is not just you, but more than one of you- then maybe- they will actually start to believe it is Real and Dangerous.
                 Another thing, but as important. It is not your repsonsibility or job to save the world. Whoever made you believe it was- lied to you. They lied to you on at least two levels: That you should and that you could. Our country has a real problem with that- thnking we can save all the world’s ills and disagreements. It’s actually kind of arrogant and prideful. Think of all the good Kate could have done in her own community, were she still alive to do it. Think of the children she will never have and how her goodness is now dead that will not be passed on to those never-to-exist children, because she brought it to the wrong place.- the road to hell being paved with such good intentions. Those places are not ready for women like Kate, and Karestan and Jess, and no doubt others who will hopefully come forward. 
    So, do not believe the LIE that helping your own is a selfish thing, and that you are so desperately needed in these places. It is the organizations that need your free labor in order to solicit donations to keep their gig afloat, in order for the top dogs to keep their programs going, and money coming in. Know that, from the response that one woman got when she revealed what had happened that they don’t care about you as people, as individuals, as women. They knew very well the third world is a mostly dangerous place, yet  they probably made it sound all flowery and practically holy to put yourselves at that much risk, never telling you it was highly likely you would be attacked, raped, threatened and possibly killed.  
Those places need things that are so much bigger than we can provide. Was it worth what happened to you? Sure, only now do they say they are trying to make things better, safer, and so on- but how can they? Do they not get that you are a target? Oh they get it all right. They just do not care. The one woman in one of these video links  said she was raped her first day there.
       Parents, so you really want to send your children, either boys or girls to such awful places as this? Let us hope the answer is a resounding ‘NO!’

KAYE: Puzey says her daughter’s reporting of the rapes led to her murder.

Also testifying, Karestan Koenen, who says she was a victim of rape while working for the Peace Corps as well.

and yet another girl who was raped and threatened with death for reporting it:

Video :

Greece Fights Back, Reacts to Violence from Foreign Invaders

Killed getting ready to take his wife, who was in labor, to the hospital.   Manolis Kantaris, age 44,  had been on the way to pick up his car from a parking garage on Triti Septemvriou Street when he was attacked by three people shortly before 5 a.m., police said.

He had been carrying a bag of baby clothes and a video camera with which he had planned to record the birth of his second child.

According to witnesses, the assailants approached Kantaris and demanded that he hand over the camera. When he resisted, they started stabbing him in the back and neck before grabbing the camera and fleeing.”

(translation)   New evidence highlights second video is in the hands of the police, which shows the faces of the murderers of tragic death of 44 year old father  Manolis Kantaris.  In the video camera recording from a neighboring store recorded the three perpetrators-which, according to preliminary estimates by the police – most likely from the north African countries Algeria or Morocco.
   Prosecutors have the  video lasting about 15 seconds where they show the scene of the murder in cold blood of Manolis  with successive blows with a knife, in order to grab a bag with a camcorder.
 Golden Dawn- Nationalist group in Greece are not amused by the killings and violence coming from the ‘immigrants’ .  Translation is not the greatest, but enough to understand they aren’t taking it lying down.
More attacks, different case, this guy is at least alive when this was reported : The aliens approached him and asked him explain why bears the emblem of his country.  The Lykeiarchis replied: “Because I am Greek”, and so was attacked by aliens who are suspected to be either Pakistanis or Afghans.

The victm was taken by ambulance to the hospital. 
 Of course the media here reports this as terible and horrible, that the people should fight back, as if they were crazed vigillantes going after kids spray painting. Note the difference in how the two cites cover this story.  This wouldn’t be happening if the damn Paki’s and Afghans weren’t there to begin with.
“No one has the right to take the law into their own hands”  whined some castrated, boot-licking  slave of the state. I’m so disappointed in you-  Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie, kissed the state’s ass while his citizens DIED! Don’t want people marching, burning s&^4 and beating these effers into submission themselves?  Well, then…YOU DO IT. After all, wussies- it’s your JOB.  So DO it.
Get them the eff out of there or impose some kind of martial law until they can learn to behave- and go tell your master he isn’t doing HIS job, George- and your excuse line is pretty damn weak. If these people can’t handle civilized society where people aren’t killing  for camcorders, they can get the eff out or risk getting their ass beat down. If they can’t follow the Golden Rule, then they can deal with the Golden Dawn.
Something that gets me in a cogntive dissonance kind of way since I used to get so much warm, fuzzy email calling me a fascist that I actually started to embrace it- is that so many of these articles describe the Golden Dawn and other groups there as being ‘anti-authoritarian’- but…where IS the  dang authority? You can’t be against something that is slacking off, having  meetings over ouzo and baklava and working on its tan. What  EFFING AUTHORITY?  Losing ,anyone?  Authorities: At least make an effort. If you try and fail, even if you make several tries, several different ways yet still fail.
See,  real authority would be keeping these people in line so they wouldn’t even think about robbin’ , rapin, and killin’. That’s THEIR job. If they were DOING their job, the people wouldn’t be out there doing this.  These fauxthority shheads want to stand around in their neato outfits, looking like billy badass, and always, always facing the WRONG way, facing the nationalists as if they are the bad guys, as if they are the threat. That makes you look stupid B. Badass. Stupid and a pussy.  Better turn around before you get a knife inthe back of  your jazzy swat uniform  that won’t be coming from  the nationalist side- and you know it too, Billy. You know you’re facing the wrong way. For the Golden Dawn and others, I don’t criticize you fighting back- but…
 1) Consider being anti-FAIL-authority- you’re doing their job for them, while they  get to collect the paycheck and get to be all smug and righteous and get to call you names like haters and extremists while your people DIE. Yeah, in a perfect world, you don’t need some ahole telling people what to do and how to do it every second.  But every playground needs a yard-duty teacher- just as every inner-city school needs a metal detector for knives…because there is always going to be some disturbed, sick, or simply opportunistic shthead who is going to hurt  girls, bully boys, steal someone’s lunch money-or rape someone at a high-school prom (remember the Richmond, CA story?) just because they can. Because they can get away with it. Because the Author-i-tays don’t actually have any…
 So they can call angry people ‘racists’ , so They can sit and do nothing about the violence- So They can make up more programs, So they can ensure their made-up jobs, So They can call angry people haters, so they can make up special immigration allowances and exceptions and amnesty, So They can let even more in- So They can have more people to niche-market vote-pander to, so They can get more people dependent on the government,  so They can get cheap labor, so They can get more money, so They can pay other people to call tax-paying, non-criminal citizens protectionists and Nazis, so They can avoid the real problem, so They can….. kind of like the 80’s PSA , ‘I’m always chasing rainbows’..
Point being, in the context of what would be called by the douchebag media a ‘changing, urban, rich and diverse’ environs, which we all know is code for crime and crap- sucks ass- That said- if the pussies in power (PIPS?)  are too sissy or selfish to simply do their job, then more power to you.
2) You shouldn’t even have to be in this position. You have the right to your own country. You have the right to live unharmed by savages that kill people over things like camcorders and ipods. You are told you ‘have to accept and tolerate’ but you really don’t. You are right to protest- fighting back IS the correct response. Think things are going to get better if you just sigh and pray about it and hope things get better?
We hear a lot about what is called ‘domestic violence’ but what about ‘international violence’ ? What about the reality of  racial abuse rather than the ubiquitous , blame-the-victim ‘race-ism’ accusation?  Isn’t calling people who are pissed off and fighting back… ‘racists’  like saying that women ‘deserve’ to be raped or worse because they were walking to their car at night, or wearing a dress, or left a window open, or were just there? 
That’s her fault, that she brought it upon herself ? If you do play along with that blame-the-victim crap, you are the self-hating coward who has made up a word to save himself- the better to look yourself in the eye shaving. No, it’s YOU who is the Cowardly Sheep in  self-righteous wolve’s clothing- but in the end  you’re still a sheep, you know it- and little red riding hood is no less dead trying to get to granny’s plac, and it’s you, the UnAuthority who killed her.
 Think of your country as your mother, your sister, your daughter- and your people within as her children.  These  foreigners are hurting your family, abusing, raping and killing your children . Just having to live around that is abuse.  Having to live in fear, and witness violence or have it happen to us. Not being able to find a job because of the foreigners undercutting your wages-having to pay endless taxes for these made-up, do-nothing programs for THEM, having our neighborhoods ruined. Yeah, it’s abusive all right. If we counsel women not to put up with it, why the hell would we ever tell a whole country to ? 
Waa waa, don’t fight back, just take it, be tolerant, be afraid, be all about daisy-chains, hippie-dippy alice in la la land diversity and how great it is- but know….that’s a fairy tale.
 Except the ones who are dead….
But there’s no sense crying over every mistake. 
You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.
And the Science gets done.
And you make a neat gun.
For the people who are still alive   -‘Still Alive’ , written byJonathan Coulton for Portal, performed by Ellen Mclain