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Her son was stabbed six times, at least twice in the heart, she said. “Tell me that was self-defense” she said.

Tim Griffith (Griffith, standing, shortly before his murder in a SF baseball stadium parking lot)

Griffith’s Murderer Raphael Cuevas: Illegal alien

Illegal = murder=illegal -shouldn’t have been here in the FIRST PLACE. Illegitimate all the way around.  You’re not even an anchor baby, Cuevas. You stole your way in here, then you stole someone’s life, in a most vicious way, over something stupid, like the guy leaned on your car. You probably didn’t have a CA license to drive. What the hell were you doing here? Do you have a record? You don’t look very healthy. Selling drugs? You are a fine example of a PLAGUE that is sweeping our nation.

beaner murderer illegal

Collins did not ask for bail for Cuevas, who was apprehended Friday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers as he returned to the United States from Mexico.


Is it ‘hate’ to state the truth? The whole ‘hate speech’ thing is so broadly applied, it has only served to stifle discussion, and create ‘politically correct’ sissies. When National Geographic talks about one animal killing and devouring another, chasing one out, is that ‘hate’?

I was telling someone on a radio show a while ago that we need a ‘habitat, ‘ that our environment is being destroyed, and I don’t mean this regarding air pollution or whales. Yes, when I say ‘we’ I mean the dreaded, fearsome ‘W’ word. Many other cultures don’t mind being packed together and thrive on constant noise, loudness, aggression, danger. Other peoples get government sponsored ‘habitats’ and they turn them to crap. Nope, screw you White people, you may be bad off, but you are on your own. Go sleep on the beach.

Those things are part of their culture, as much as 13 year-old pregnant unwed mothers are. As much as stabbing someone to death in the heart in a baseball stadium parking lot ?

Thanks, illegals for destroying something that should have been a fun day for non-savages. Thanks for en masse destroying an entire country not-so-slowly in pursuit of ‘a better life’. A better life? Better for whom? It’s certainly not better for Timothy Griffith. Certainly not better for the rest of us, who foot the bill in uncountable social programs: food, housing vouchers,free health care,legal services, theft, noise, littering, gangs, free educations and all the school programs : ESL, free breakfast, lunch programs, hospitals closing because of abuse of the emergency room policies, government and state officials declaring sanctuary cities that encourage these problems by vowing not to do anything about it, while spending trillions on war in Iraq. A better life for everyone not US. A better life for them at our expense, financially and day-to-day existence. Is this what our children have to look forward to? Did Timothy deserve to be stabbed in the heart 7 times till he died at a baseball game? If this Cuevas had never been allowed to sneak over the border, Timothy would be alive, maybe he would be in college, have a girlfriend, his parents would be enjoying watching him grow into a man, perhaps start a family and give them grandchildren. Instead, they have a memorial foundation website and there is an unfixable hole in the story of their family’s life.

White people like to solve problems, and because we are mostly intelligent and/or creative, we usually can- but we are not magicians. We also like to help, to our own detriment. I remember posting about how without White people, one could pretty much forget about ‘save the redwoods’ or baby seals. No other group cares about feral cats, or dolphins caught in tuna nets, recycling, or ‘green’ as it applies to preserving nature like Whites do. Are we so proud and noble we will orchestrate, fund, and rally for our own demise? What is wrong with us?

This case happened in 2004, is only now going to trial.


A 21-year-old Giants fan was fatally stabbed and his friend beaten unconscious by three men in a parking lot near the ballpark in a crime police described Saturday “as a totally senseless killing over nothing.”



Scummy lawyer says it’s not murder, just something that resulted in death. An accident perhaps?

“This is not murder – this was a spontaneous fight that involved grappling and punching,” Gaines said. “It was not planned, but it was something that led to the tragic death of Tim Griffith.”

‘Led to the death’, not planned, as if that is supposed to soften it, like quilted toilet paper-speaking of which- Gaines (Cuevas’ newest creep lawyer), you are full of sh*t and you know it.



Cuevas was arrested Friday by federal customs officials in Arizona as he returned to the United States from Mexico.



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