Happy Father’s Day



Χαρούμενη ημέρα πατέρων

   I could never express how much I love my dad, and how much he has taught me, for the kind of man he is. I want to thank him for giving me life, for giving me a heritage I am proud of, and for having me young enough that I had many years while growing up with my Yiayia and Papou (Greek for grandma, who still lives -and grandfather) ,for keeping your traditions alive year after year, for forgiving me my mistakes and weakeness and patiently loving me , for being such a good grandfather, for having me instead of getting killed in Vietnam.. Even the things I criticized him for when I was younger I now am old enough to appreciate. I know he isn’t superman, I know he isn’t perfect, but he is a good man, and I am lucky he is my dad.

Also to the the many fathers I know and love, for giving life to our people- and not only in the literal sense of having children, but also to those who are like fathers to us, for looking out for the rest of us, of helping and guiding us, for the times you have had to say “no” in protecting us from harm, for teaching us respect,  in the many things you haven given to us, we honor and love you too. 






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